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Three men remanded on Matthew Goddard Belfast murder charge

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Media captionMatthew Goddard was found dead at a house on Christmas Eve

Three men have been remanded in custody charged with the murder of a man in east Belfast at Christmas time.

Matthew Goddard, 41, was found dead in his house at Chobham Street at about 21:40 GMT on Christmas Eve.

William Robert Turner, 35, of Glenlea Grove; James Henry Turner, 29, of Dunraven Court, Belfast, and Christian Walker, 25, of Ribble Street, appeared in court on Saturday.

Brothers William and James Turner were also charged with grievous bodily harm.

That charge follows a separate incident at a pub in east Belfast on 23 December.

A police officer said he believed he could connect the accused to the charges.

A solicitor for Mr Walker asked if his client could appear separately because of what he said was "animosity" between the brothers and his client.

The accused were led in and out of the dock separately, but they appeared together for the short hearing.

When the Turner brothers were led into court, there was an outburst from the public gallery resulting in a man being escorted out of the court room.

The judge told the court she would not tolerate another disruption to proceedings.

However, after the short hearing and as the brothers were being led from the dock there was another separate outburst from someone else in the gallery.

The judge said this was "wilful" and happened despite the fact that she had issued a warning. She said the language used was "foul and abusive" and fined the man responsible £150.

The men were remanded to appear again on Thursday 15 January.

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