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Belfast shooting: Victim given first aid by SDLP's Colin Keenan

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Media captionThe man was shot when gunmen entered his home at Hawthorn Street

A man who was shot a number of times in his legs and arms in a Belfast street was given first aid by neighbours, including an SDLP councillor.

The attack took place in Hawthorn Street in the west of the city at about 21:15 GMT on Tuesday, when masked men forced their way into the man's house.

SDLP councillor Colin Keenan went to try to help the victim.

The councillor and his neighbours used a belt as a makeshift tourniquet before paramedics arrived.

'Absolutely horrific'

The gunmen had earlier forced their way past the man's partner and found the victim in the bathroom of the house, where they shot him several times.

The councillor, who has lived in the street all his life, described the aftermath of the shooting as "an absolutely horrific scene".

He told BBC Newsline that he had heard gunshots and a "commotion" in the street, before one of his neighbours asked him to come to the victim's aid.

"I arrived into the house to find a gentleman had been shot several times and was in quite a bad way, losing a lot of blood," Mr Keenan said.

"A significant amount of blood was being lost from one of his legs and, along with the other residents, what we did was we used a belt to stem that blood flow and managed to stop it until the ambulance arrived."

Image caption SDLP councillor Colin Keenan went into his neighbour's house to try to help the shooting victim, and used a belt as a makeshift tourniquet to stop the bleeding

The councillor said they managed to keep the wounded man conscious until paramedics got to the scene and took him to hospital.

The victim received treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

Police have appealed for information about the attack.

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