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Rathcoole estate: Jamaican woman 'homeless' after racist attacks

Kerry Ann Brown looks at the damage to her window Image copyright PAcemaker
Image caption Kerry Ann Brown said she moved out of her home in Newtownabbey after it was targeted twice within 12 months

A woman who said she had to leave her home in County Antrim after racist attacks last year has told the BBC that she is now living in a hostel.

Kerry Ann Brown, originally from Jamaica, had her Newtownabbey home damaged twice in less than 12 months.

She said she moved out after the attacks, but has since been unable to find housing for her young family.

Ms Brown has three sons and is also pregnant.

She told BBC Radio Ulster's Evening Extra programme that she has been living in a Salvation Army hostel since January.

"From being independent then going into a hostel makes you feel you're sort of isolated," she said.

"You're coming from a home, having experienced something traumatic, especially with kids, to nothing."

Ms Brown also said she felt her family was being stereotyped because of their ethnicity.

"Being an outsider coming into Northern Ireland, people have the wrong impression of ethnic minorities, because the impression that they have is that we come here to take jobs and claim benefits," she said.

"People stereotype ethnic minorities feeling that they're scroungers, which they're not."

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