Northern Ireland

North Belfast: Disturbances outside pub on Oldpark Road

Disturbances outside a pub in north Belfast, which included reports of fighting and bottles being thrown at cars, are being investigated by police.

Police said that shortly before 17:30 BST on Saturday, they received reports of a crowd heading up the Deerpark Road towards Oldpark Road.

Ten minutes later, there were reports of youths running into a bar on the Oldpark Road and shouting sectarian slogans.

There were also reports of fighting.

PSNI Inspector Jocelyn Wise said: "Police attended the bar approximately seven minutes after the report was received. By this time, calm had been restored and the crowd had left the area. There were no reports of any injuries, though a car wing mirror was damaged as a result.

"Anyone who is involved in this type of behaviour should be aware of the effects that it has on local residents. They should also know that there is the very real prospect of being arrested and charged if they are involved in this kind of anti-social activity."