Northern Ireland

Dominic Smyth jailed for attack at Belfast's Duke of York pub

A Belfast man who attacked another person with a broken cider bottle in a city centre pub has been given a six-year jail term.

Dominic Smyth, 26, from Clondara Street, will spend three years of the sentence in prison, with the remaining three years on supervised licence.

It follows an incident in the Duke of York bar on 9 October last year.

One man suffered facial injuries as a result of the attack, while a second man sustained a wound to his wrist.

A prosecutor told Belfast Crown Court that Smyth had gone to the bar to meet a friend, who in turn had brought along a third man.

He said "some form of disagreement" was sparked between Smyth and the third man, with Smyth later claiming the other man had provoked him.

The lawyer said that while it was "not clear" what the two were arguing about, drink had been taken by both men and that things seemed to "fester" between them as the night went on.

Smyth then lifted his bottle of cider and after the bottle was smashed, he "lunged" at the other man several times which resulted in a "number of sights of scarring".


The lawyer said the man sustained several wounds. These injuries included a puncture wound to his neck as well as wounds to the side of his head and jaw.

Another man who was sitting at a nearby table had noticed the dispute between the two men, and when the altercation broke out, tried to take evasive action as they fell towards his table.

He put his hand out to avoid the pair falling on his table, and in the process was cut on the wrist. Smyth was restrained by staff, after the pair fell to the floor.

Smyth subsequently pleaded guilty to a charge of wounding the first man with intent to do grievous bodily harm, and to a second charge of wounding the second man.

A defence barrister said Smyth wanted to "offer his apologies to both of the injured parties for his actions on this night" and revealed his client had written letters to the two men in which he had expressed his remorse.

He said that on the day in question, Smyth had not taken his prescribed medication and had consumed alcohol.

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