Northern Ireland

Health risk fears over pigs' carcases dumped at River Foyle

pigs Image copyright VT Freeze Frame
Image caption The dismembered carcases of three pigs were discovered by the Loughs Agency

The dismembered remains of three pigs dumped along the side of the River Foyle could pose a health risk, the Loughs Agency has warned.

A pig's head and chopped-up carcases littering the river bank and strewn in the water were found by the agency on Monday.

A fisheries biologist with the Loughs Agency said it was a cause for concern.

"As a scientist, I would be concerned there could be obvious environmental impacts from this," Art Nevin said.

"I would not be encouraging anyone to handle or be close or touch the water adjacent to these decaying pieces."

Standing at the scene of the dump, Mr Nevin said: I'm looking at a pig's ear, a pig's trotter, dismembered pieces, vertebra and intestines.

"These are not the scenes I'm familiar with in the Foyle. It is quite horrific."

He said that dumping the carcases was "irresponsible" and would be a distressing and upsetting sight for families out for a day in a local beauty spot.

Mr Nevin said it was "gruesome".

However, he said it was at a localised spot and the carcases would soon be fully scavenged and carried out by the tide.