Northern Ireland

Jason McGovern trial: Court hears of revival efforts to save Monaghan teenager

Image caption Jason McGovern was found dead at a house in County Monaghan

The trial of a County Tyrone man accused of the unlawful killing of a 19-year-old has heard of the frantic efforts to revive the teenager.

Jason McGovern from Tydavnet, County Monaghan died after being attacked on a night out in Omagh in the early hours of New Year's Eve in 2012.

Mark Donnelly, 23, from Greencastle Road, Omagh, denies manslaughter.

The trial at Dungannon Crown Court is expected to last up to three weeks.

The court heard how Jason's friend ran to a neighbour's home, telling him that "he, [Jason] is cold, he is cold".

On returning to the house, Jason's friend again attempted to give him CPR, but his neighbour, who had guessed "something terrible had just happened", believed that the teenager was already dead.

In his statement, the neighbour told of seeing Jason lying on a duvet on the bedroom floor.

There was bruising on his head and down the side of his body.


The court heard that all efforts and attempts to revive were finally halted when signs of rigor mortis were detected.

Mr McGovern was pronounced dead at 1.57pm by a local doctor.

The prosecution read statements from a witness in the Weigh Inn car park in Kelvin Street, Omagh.

That is where the teenager was attacked hours earlier following a night out with friends.

The statement told of how the witness helped lift "an unconscious" Jason McGovern into a Volkswagen taxi that was waiting to collect him and his friends.

He said while he stood waiting for a taxi himself, he heard a "very loud thud that seemed as if someone had hit the roof of a car.

"We noticed a young man lying on the road with his feet pointing towards Sally's [bar] and his head towards the car park.

"I could see clearly from six to seven feet away that he was unconscious.

"We lifted him into the taxi, his eyes were glazed. He was unresponsive".

Another taxi driver, who did not see any fighting, said in his statement that he saw a "fellow being lifted into a taxi", and that "usually when people are drunk they try and get up off the ground, but this lad did not".