Northern Ireland

Birds of prey killed by poison in County Antrim

Poisoned peregrine falcon Image copyright PSNI
Image caption The peregrine falcon was found dead in Ballymena on 11 April

Three birds of prey have died in County Antrim after being poisoned, the police have said.

A peregrine falcon and two buzzards were found dead in March and April.

The falcon was found at a quarry on the Glenhead Road in Ballymena on 11 April. It was discovered to have been poisoned by a pesticide called carbofuran.

The buzzards were found near Glenarm on 15 and 29 March. The first was poisoned with carbofuran while the second had ingested rat poison.

"Poisons can have serious implications and reports such as this give rise to serious concerns," said Emma Meredith, the PSNI's wildlife liaison officer.

"Poison generally is very dangerous and we would have particular concern over any poison but particularly over carbofuran.

"We are disappointed this continues to happen especially with such a dangerous substance, which could kill not only birds of prey but also a child, family pet or any adult coming into contact with it."

The police have appealed for information.