Northern Ireland

PSNI warn of phone scam from person claiming to be from the Met

The PSNI say the scammer claims to be from the London Metropolitan Police Image copyright PAcemaker
Image caption The PSNI say the scammer asks victims to disclose banking details

The Police in Northern Ireland have released a warning to the public about a phone scam by someone claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police Service.

The caller says he is carrying out an investigation and discusses the victim's banking details.

He then asks them to transfer money from their account.

Detective Constable Stephen Crooks, from PSNI Economic Crime Unit, said there have been a number of reports of this scam in the past few days.

"At least one victim has lost a substantial amount of money," he said.

"Police will never ask anyone for banking details over the phone - or ask someone to withdraw money.

"If they do, it's a scam. If anyone gets a phone call like this, or knows of a vulnerable friend or relative who's had one, they should contact police on the non-emergency number 101."