Youths throw plank through window of Londonderry home

A plank has been thrown through the window of a house of a couple in their 70s in Londonderry.

The living room window of the house at Meenaleck Walk, in Shantallow, was smashed at about 2300 BST on Thursday.

The couple were left shaken by the attack on their home.

They are the parents of SDLP Councillor Shaun Gallagher who said it was a "nasty incident" and that his mother "was really traumatized" by the attack.

Speaking on Friday, Councillor Gallagher said: "It could be anyone's mother and father".

"Just think of the mindset of the people who would put a plank through a pensioner's window.

"That mindset isn't welcome in Shantallow," he said.