Northern Ireland

'Alien' set on fire at Randalstown playpark

Vandals have burned down a piece of equipment worth about £10,000 at a playpark in County Antrim.

The apparatus, known as 'the alien', was set on fire in the park at John Street in Randalstown.

It happened some time between the close of the park on Sunday evening and 0900 BST on Monday.

The recreational manager at Antrim Borough Council, Lesley Clements, said it was a real loss to the many families who enjoy the play park.

"It's extremely well-used, it really is - it's just buzzing with mums and kids all the time, a very popular area," she said.

"This piece of equipment, it really forms the sort of focus of the play area and its loss is very significant because it caters for quite a wide age group and it's just used all the time.

"It's such a shame, we've basically had a piece of equipment just wiped out."