Canvasser 'badly shaken' after attack in Londonderry

An SDLP council candidate has said he has been left "badly shaken" after a man attacked him while canvassing in Londonderry.

James Carr was canvassing in the Galliagh area when a man verbally abused and tried to assault him on Tuesday night.

Mr Carr said the man tried to hit him with a golf club in front of his father and four-year-old niece.

He described the incident as "terrifying."

"A man brushed past my father and came over shouting accusations at me," he said.

" Automatically I thought it was because I was an SDLP candidate in the area.

"He was swinging with such voracity you could hear the whip from the golf club, this is something that you don't want anyone to see, never mind your young niece."

The police said they attended a report of an incident of criminal damage in the Bloomfield area on Monday night.