Arsonists 'could have killed'

An SDLP Councillor has condemned arsonists who set fire to a car in Londonderry and rolled it towards homes.

The car was destroyed in the attack at Bloomfield Park at around 5.20 BST on Tuesday.

Councillor Jimmy Carr lives near the scene of the incident.

He said he was outraged at "this act of wanton violence and destruction in such a built-up area".

"If it were not for a grass verge stopping the car from rolling further towards a residential area, we may have been looking at fatalities," he said.

"The car was rolled down a pathway - narrowly missing houses, including my own - and we could well have been looking at a tragedy today if the car had not been stopped by a grass verge.

"I would call on those responsible to think about what position they put the community in last night, and to desist from any further instances of anti-social behaviour."

He said with any information about the incident should contact the police.