Derry residents appeal after wall collapses

Residents living near a wall in Londonderry which caused a landslide when it partially collapsed have said something must be done to protect their homes.

A 30-foot section of the wall in Marlborough Terrace fell down early on Wednesday after heavy rain.

Two cars were crushed, and oil leaked from damaged tanks.

"Nobody has come forward to take responsibility, but it can't be left, it's unsafe," said Marian Mullan.

"If we have a heavy snowfall, or lots more rain, it'll cause major damage.

"My car is wrecked, I have no vehicle, and the smell of oil in the house is serious.

"I think most of the neighbours just want the whole area cleaned up and made safe.

"That wall will fall, and somebody will get hurt, so they need to act very quickly to get it fixed.

"It's dangerous, and the weather conditions aren't going to get any better, so it can't lie here for months while they decide who's responsible."

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