Second wall collapse 'could have killed'

Residents living near a wall which collapsed in Londonderry on Thursday have said children could have been hurt or killed.

50ft of the wall in Harding Street, near Abercorn Road, fell on Thursday.

On Wednesday a 30ft section of the wall in Marlborough Terrace collapsed after heavy rain.

Derry City Council said they visited Harding Street on Thursday to inspect the collapse of a retaining wall, and made the area secure.

Paula Carlin, who lives in Harding Street, said she watched the wall behind her house fall into the lane below.

"Wee ones use that back lane, and if it had fallen onto them they could have been killed.

"The next heavy wind or rain could take it away completely."

Her neighbour Heather Clarke said she feared the rest of the wall was now unsafe.

"These houses aren't built on concrete, so if the wall that's supporting them goes, the back yards and everything could go."

Derry City Council said arrangements are in place to erect appropriate signage and fencing on Friday morning.

"We are in contact with the owners of the affected properties so they can advise their insurance companies so that necessary arrangements can be made to clear the area of debris and review repair work to the wall."

John Kelpie from the council said it was a "dreadful" situation for residents.

"There's been very substantial damage in both areas.

"The damage is mostly to private property, and there is a mews laneway involved as well.

"The Council has intervened to try to facilitate between as many people as possible, and give residents some reassurance there is someone acting on their behalf."

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