Takeaway 'will lose £1,000' because of road closure

A Londonderry businessman has said he fears losing more than £1,000 in takings because of roadworks outside his premises.

Paul Burke, who owns The Flame and Grill takeaway on Spencer Road, said he would have to close for two days this week because the road is to be closed.

He also closed early last week.

A spokesperson for Roads Service said the closure had been restricted to out of business hours to minimise disruption.

Mr Burke said he would lose two days' takings because of the roadworks.

"When you add in wages on top of that, you're losing big money.

"This is why you're paying your rates, for them to do this work, and they still don't take it into consideration, they just come and dig up the road."

Roads Service said Spencer Road would be closed for a number of nights while resurfacing work is carried out.

"A road closure is required to facilitate this work and Roads Service has restricted the closure to out of hours to minimise disruption to residents and businesses affected.

"The contractor, White Mountain Surfacing, has circulated details of this closure to residents and business owners in the area."