Sinn Fein election posters removed from Limavady bonfire

  • 10 July 2014
election posters
Sinn Fein's Brenda Chivers and Rory Donaghy said placing the posters on the bonfire was "totally unacceptable"

Sinn Féin election posters have been removed from a bonfire in Limavady, County Londonderry, after police and the local council intervened.

The posters of Brenda Chivers and Rory Donaghy were placed on a bonfire in Anderson Park, near Edenmore Road.

The party said some people were "inciting hatred" by placing the posters on top of the bonfire.

The posters were removed after a complaint was made to the police.

Both councillors said they contacted the police as soon as they saw the posters near Edenmore Road

A sectarian sign was also placed on top of the bonfire.

Ms Chivers had called for funding for a forthcoming fun-day in the area to be withdrawn if the posters were not removed.

A spokesperson for Limavady Borough Council later confirmed: "All election campaign posters have been removed from the bonfire."

A PSNI spokesperson said they were aware of the issue and had liaised with Limavady Borough Council and community workers in the area.

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