Bloody Sunday: Families to meet PSNI investigation team in Londonderry

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Image caption Prime Minister David Cameron described what happened on Bloody Sunday as "both unjustified and unjustifiable.

Some family members of those killed in Londonderry on Bloody Sunday are to question the police team set up to investigate.

They are expected to ask that priority be given to the arrest of the soldiers involved.

They are also expected to ask for a clear idea of when the police file will be submitted to the Public Prosecution Service.

Police resumed their investigation into the killings earlier this month.

The majority of the team investigating Bloody Sunday were laid off last year because of budget cuts.

On Thursday, around 30 people attended a meeting in Derry to discuss the Stormont house agreement.

'Confidence is so low'

Bernadette McAliskey, a member of the Bloody Sunday march committee, said she had a number of questions for the police investigation.

"I would be asking the police, have they yet held under-caution preliminary interviews with the suspects and it would seem that they haven't. Have they set out a time frame and are they happy that they have sufficient resources to do this?

"Have they pursued those who have sought to interfere with that process, deliberately or inadvertently, by attempting to negotiate the outcome of a criminal investigation."

Kate Nash, whose brother, William Nash was killed on Bloody Sunday, said the police need to make an effort to show the public that they are committed to the investigation.

"My confidence is so low in the PSNI and in fact in government, since the investigation began I feel there has been political interference and stalling tactics to halt the process.

"I would say to them to show us some good faith and begin the process of building confidence for the public."

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