Gambling: Limavady woman speaks out about husband taking his life

A woman from Limavady, County Londonderry, has spoken publicly after her husband took his own life because of a gambling addiction.

The man left a letter for his wife and son in August 2014 saying he "couldn't cope with the addiction".

He explained in the letter that gambling controlled his life and that he was "incredibly sorry to everyone". His wife was left with debt of £22,000.

The man gambled online, on his smart phone and attended big racing events.

The man's wife, who does not want to be identified, has decided to speak out so others might learn from their experience.

'Powerful letter'

The woman told BBC Radio Foyle: "We were together for 25 years but I thought he was cheating.

"His personality changed. He was coming home late from work and was being snappy.

"We never had any money problems but things suddenly went very wrong.

"He had his own bank account and I had mine. He was bringing forms home for me to sign and little did I know I was signing our lives away.

"I did mention gambling to him and he always denied it.

"He wrote a letter for my 19-year-old son and myself just before he took his own life. He admitted it for the first time ever.

"He said he was sorry and that he knows I'll keep our son on the straight path.

"I only told my son about the letter and his dad's gambling addiction last week. I was scared in case he would go down the same road.

"I miss him so much but I'm still quite angry at how everything has been left.

"People need to speak out. I have some good memories but I have a powerful letter from my husband who took his own life.

"It was awful."

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