Londonderry couple's 'life savings' stolen by thieves

A woman has said her parents are devastated after thieves broke into their home at Northland Avenue, Londonderry, and stole their life savings.

Noleen O'Hagan's father had been visiting her mother in hospital when the money was stolen.

Jewellery handed down from her grandparents was also taken.

Ms O'Hagan said: "The bedroom was completely ransacked, my dad was absolutely devastated."

She added: "When he rang me I thought he was having a heart attack.

"He was just grey, he felt horrible and really upset. I think he was just embarrassed as well."


She said that the money had been taken along with some family heirlooms, including an eternity ring and a wedding band.

"There wasn't a dry eye in the house, we were just absolutely devastated because they're so good, they work so hard, they're honest and ask for nothing.

"Christmas presents, money wallets, this was for when dad retired to start travelling and do nice things that they've always wanted to do.

"The money is replaceable but the jewellery isn't. Nobody wants to see their parents so vulnerable and so hurt, It's just heartbreaking."