Derry attack: Two men 'left for dead' in dissident republican attack

Ederowen Park
Image caption The attack happened at Ederowen Park on Sunday at about 22:00 GMT

A neighbour who went to help two men who were beaten with baseball bats in a paramilitary-style attack in Londonderry has said they were left for dead.

The men were beaten with baseball bats and iron bars by a gang of six to eight masked men who broke into a flat at Ederowen Park in Galliagh on Sunday.

The victims suffered injuries to their heads, ribs and legs.

It is believed one of the masked gang had a gun.

PSNI Chief Inspector Tony Callaghan described the attack as "brutal".

The man who found the men said there was blood and one of the men was passing out.

"I was actually scared.

"The two men were just left on the floor for dead. They were in a really bad way.

"I'm trained in first aid but in this case I didn't even know what to say or do.

"Me and the neighbours put pressure on their wounds until the ambulance arrived.

"The neighbours can't sleep now after what happened."