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Renewable Heat Incentive Inquiry day-by-day reports

Burning wood pellets in a biomass boiler
Image caption The RHI scheme offered financial incentives for businesses to use renewable fuels to generate heat

A public inquiry into the scandal surrounding the disastrous Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme is taking place at Stormont.

It is investigating how a harmless-looking green energy initiative led to the biggest political crisis in Northern Ireland for over a decade.

The RHI scheme offered financial incentives for businesses start using renewable fuels to generate heat.

But it was critically flawed, causing a vast overspend of public money.

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Tuesday 7 November

Summary: RHI scheme 'struck at democracy's heart'

Detailed updates: Public inquiry into RHI scandal opens

Wednesday 8 November

Summary: Foster 'wanted RHI launched without delay'

Detailed updates: 'Scene set' for cash-for-ash inquiry

Thursday 9 November

Summary: DUP advisers 'stopped RHI decisions'

Detailed updates: DUP adviser emails laid out at RHI probe

Friday 10 November

Summary: 'Conspiracy of silence' around RHI scheme

Detailed updates: Department 'sorry' for cash-for-ash flaws

Tuesday 14 November

Summary: NI's need for own energy scheme questioned

Detailed updates: 'Cash-for-ash' probe told of RHI inception

Wednesday 15 November

Summary: Concerns over 'abuse' of UK energy scheme

Detailed updates: Inquiry examines 'cash-for-ash' origins

Thursday 16 November

Summary: Foster to be quizzed over RHI assumptions

Detailed updates: Inquiry hears of birth of 'cash-for-ash

Friday 17 November

Summary: Many knew RHI 'too good to be true'

Detailed updates: RHI scheme 'too good to be true'

Tuesday 28 November

Summary: No evidence of 'senior hand' in RHI scheme

Detailed updates: 'Cash-for-ash' inquiry questions first witness

Wednesday 29 November

Summary: Officials 'not told of RHI restrictions'

Detailed updates: Inquiry hears of 'cash-for-ash' funding

Thursday 30 November

Summary: Advisers 'should have noticed RHI flaw'

Detailed updates: 'Cash-for-ash' adviser appears at inquiry

Friday 1 December

Summary: RHI consultants 'reputation is at stake'

Detailed updates: Adviser quizzed on key 'cash-for-ash' error

Tuesday 5 December

Summary: RHI official 'raised staff shortage risk'

Detailed updates: Key official faces inquiry over scheme role

Wednesday 6 December

Summary: Budget experts 'didn't grasp' cash-for-ash finances

Detailed updates: Finance officials questioned on energy scheme

Thursday 7 December

Summary: Foster not told of hike in RHI costs

Detailed updates: Department's energy boss quizzed at inquiry

Friday 8 December

Summary: 'Opportunity missed' to close RHI loophole

Detailed updates: 'Cash-for-ash' official recalled to inquiry

Monday 18 December

Summary: Foster 'should have been told RHI costs'

Detailed updates: Key scheme official faces more questions

Tuesday 19 December

Summary: Missing RHI flaw 'doesn't look too clever'

Detailed updates: More questions for 'cash-for-ash' boss

Wednesday 20 December

Summary: RHI scheme 'cost £300m more than alternative'

Detailed updates: DETI economist under 'cash-for-ash' scrutiny

Thursday 21 December

Detailed updates: More evidence from RHI scheme economist

Monday 8 January

Summary: Foster's RHI inquiry date brought forward

Detailed updates: 'Cash-for-ash' boss back in inquiry spotlight

Tuesday 9 January

Summary: Cash-for-ash cost controls removed twice

Detailed updates: 'Cash-for-ash' probe examines scheme rules

Wednesday 10 January

Summary: RHI scheme details 'withheld from MLAs'

Detailed updates: MLA 'angry' over 'cash-for-ash' failings

Thursday 11 January

Summary: Lawyer warned of weaknesses in RHI scheme

Detailed updates: 'Cash-for-ash' legal advice 'ignored by DETI'

Wednesday 24 January

Summary: RHI scheme communication 'dangerous'

Detailed updates: 'Fundamental dangers' of cash-for-ash communication

Thursday 25 January

Summary: RHI economist says scheme was 'beyond' him

Detailed updates: RHI economist admits to inexperience

Friday 26 January

Summary: Economist 'did not see RHI's false economy'

Detailed updates: 'Incredible time pressure' over RHI scheme

Tuesday 30 January

Summary: Flaws mean cash-for-ash 'could happen again'

Detailed updates: 'Time pressure applied' over cash-for-ash scheme

Wednesday 31 January

Summary: Civil servants 'furious' when scheme costs doubled

Detailed updates: Cash-for-ash boss 'furious' over cost rise

Thursday 1 February

Summary: RHI tax issue 'should've gone to Europe'

Detailed updates: Cash-for-ash boss's order 'not normal'

Friday 2 February

Summary: Official thought RHI had 'big red button'

Detailed updates: Cash-for-ash paper for Foster 'inaccurate'

Tuesday 6 February

Summary: Foster letter subject of 'media speculation'

Detailed updates: Foster 'didn't write' cash-for-ash letter to banks

Wednesday 7 February

Summary: Whistleblower 'doubted concerns would be investigated'

Detailed updates: Whistleblowers concerns 'not probed'

Thursday 8 February

Summary: Civil servants 'want to spread blame'

Detailed updates: 'Feeding frenzy' as cash-for-ash closed

Friday 9 February

Summary: Whistleblower 'would take same actions again'

Detailed updates: Whistleblower 'made out as liar'

Tuesday 20 February

Summary: Dispute over RHI personal information

Detailed updates: Cash-for-ash makes 'official feel sick'

Wednesday 21 February

Summary: Ministers 'should be more involved' in policy

Detailed updates: Officials warned of cash-for-ash risks

Thursday 22 February

Summary: Foster and official disagree on meetings

Detailed updates: 'Evidence contrast' from Foster and RHI boss

Friday 23 February

Summary: RHI scheme boss 'never saw lurid leaflets'

Detailed updates: Foster not told of missed cash-for-ash target

Tuesday 27 February

Summary: Official 'did not enjoy' running scheme

Detailed updates: RHI civil servant 'caught in eye of storm'

Wednesday 28 February

Summary: Scheme given go-ahead 'without enough resources'

Detailed updates: Foster and DETI 'chose not to prioritise RHI'

Thursday 1 March

Summary: Civil servant 'didn't really understand what was going on'

Detailed updates: 'No-one monitored' for cash-for-ash risks

Friday 2 March

Summary: Cost control delay 'is inexplicable'

Detailed updates: Cash-for-ash staff changes 'were incorrect'

Tuesday 13 March

Summary: Minutes not taken 'to frustrate freedom of information'

Detailed updates: Civil service boss 'can't explain' cash-for-ash

Wednesday 14 March

Summary: 'Two versions' of key meeting minutes

Detailed updates: Cash-for-ash meeting minutes 'watered down'

Thursday 15 March

Summary: Paisley 'lobbied' administrator over RHI application

Detailed updates: Paisley 'lobbied' for cash-for-ash applicant

Friday 16 March

Summary: Major poultry firm 'consulted' on cost controls

Detailed updates: Cash-for-ash oversight 'not like in GB'

Tuesday 20 March

Summary: Sterling admits responsibility for failings

Detailed updates: Civil service boss admits cash-for-ash failures

Wednesday 21 March

Summary: Paisley calls for apology over 'intimidating call' remark

Detailed updates: DUP MP demands apology from inquiry chair

Thursday 22 March

Summary: Sterling defends Stormont department's record

Detailed updates: Cash-for-ash department 'serial money offender'

Friday 23 March

Summary: Foster cost control assumption 'incorrect'

Detailed updates: 'No evidence' for claim against Foster

Tuesday 10 April

Summary: RHI boiler 'earned £35k in one year'

Detailed updates: Cash-for-ash strategy 'risky' for farmers

Wednesday 11 April

Summary: Adviser 'did not try to keep scheme open'

Detailed updates: Foster adviser 'didn't read key RHI report'

Thursday 12 April

Summary: Foster 'bears no responsibility' for debacle

Detailed updates: 'Personal regret' for Foster over cash-for-ash

Friday 13 April

Summary: Foster's cash-for-ash department 'dysfunctional'

Detailed updates: Wish I'd asked more questions, says Foster

Monday 16 April

Summary: Foster 'wrote blank cheque' for scheme

Detailed updates: 'Officials misled Foster' on cash-for-ash

Tuesday 17 April

Summary: Adviser 'did not intend to advantage cousin'

Detailed updates: Foster adviser leaked RHI papers to cousin

Wednesday 18 April

Summary: Civil service boss's note-taking claim nonsense, says Foster

Detailed updates: Foster 'didn't write blank cheque' for RHI

Thursday 19 April

Summary: Foster denies cash-for-ash was to benefit DUP voters

Detailed updates: Cash-for-ash whistleblower 'fed to wolves'