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Full details of the MoD's biggest negligence payments

Here are the Ministry of Defence's descriptions of the incidents leading to the largest negligence compensation payouts in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years:



The claimant was preparing a 94mm anti-tank weapon for use, a rocket launch system designed to be portable and operated by a single person. The rocket motor ignited despite safety procedures being followed correctly. It is alleged that the launcher was over 10 years old and had been stored above recommended temperatures in the open in Kuwait prior to deployment in Iraq. As a result of the injuries, the claimant was medically discharged.


The claimant was leading a Warrior vehicle through a column of vehicles in darkness. A second Warrior vehicle drew up alongside and the vehicle commander requested to pass through the vehicle column. The claimant agreed and volunteered to lead the vehicle through. After the claimant called the vehicle, it appeared to brake and the top mounted 7.62mm machine gun negligently discharged. As a result of the injuries, the claimant was medically discharged.

£1,002,250.00 - STEPPED ON MINE

The claimant was commanding an armoured vehicle tasked with recovering another vehicle which had been damaged in an explosion in a minefield. On arrival at the scene, they walked into the cleared lane in the minefield and spoke to the Commander of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team. The Commander informed the claimant that the cleared lane would have to be enlarged before the stranded vehicle could be recovered. As the claimant turned to leave the minefield, they inadvertently place a foot outside the cleared area and stood on an anti- personnel mine, suffering the loss of one leg below the knee.


£1,223,750.00 AND £1,O74,359.00 - STEPPED ON MINE

The two claimants were part of a detachment deployed to provide security to the Kajaki dam and hydroelectric station. An illegal vehicle checkpoint was identified and it was decided to deploy a sniper-based patrol to engage the group manning the checkpoint. As the snipers came within range of the checkpoint, one of the patrol members (not one of the claimants) initiated an anti-personnel mine. A further three mines were initiated during the rescue attempts, which resulted in six further casualties including the two claimants.

£1,208,270.00 - STEPPED ON MINE

The claimant was a bomb disposal operator in the Royal Engineers Regiment who was deployed to Afghanistan as part of a team who were conducting preparatory work towards the construction of a tented camp and the refurbishment of a borehole at a former Soviet airfield. Before the claimant arrived in theatre, work was undertaken to build up an accurate picture of the threat posed by the Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) at the location. The claimant was briefed before deployment and upon arrival of the possible threats. A suitable drainage site for the borehole was identified and the claimant and colleague were marking the pipe with spray paint along a worn track prior to UXO clearance. Whilst marking the pipe the claimant was seen to step forward on what was believe to be an anti-personnel mine. The claimant lost his right leg and right eye.

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