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Quiz: What the Papers Say

The Liberal Democrat Conference in Birmingham dominates the political pages this week - but what else did Britain's newspapers write about?

Why is the Swiss government threatening to make UBS bank split up its retail and investment banking departments?

a) They read the report by the UK's Independent Commission on Banking, published this week.

b) A London-based trader allegedly lost the bank £1.3bn through unauthorised trading.

c) Switzerland has refused to join the European Union.

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Which group was described as "a bulldog", "a boy doing a man's job" and "a puppet"?

a) The Eurozone finance ministers

b) Britain's main political party leaders

c) The stars of Downton Abbey

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Who, after working for a decade in his chosen profession, decided to go back to school?

a) The Independent's journalist Johann Hari after admitting to plagiarising some interview quotes.

b) Prince Harry after spending a charity day on a trading floor in Canary Wharf.

c) Arsene Wenger after Arsenal scored two own goals against Blackburn Rovers.

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Who managed to achieve what Tony Blair never managed to do?

a) Labour leader Ed Miliband was heckled by delegates when addressing the TUC conference.

b) Christopher Kane opening at London Fashion week.

c) Cheryl Cole raising a cheer when dropping in to see the troops in Afghanistan.

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Who did Ed Miliband say had lashed himself to the mast... not for the first time, perhaps?

a) The Chancellor, George Osborne, during Prime Minister's Questions.

b) The Lancashire cricket team, after winning the first county championship for 77 years.

c) Lord Coe, after admitting lessons had been learnt in distributing tickets for the Olympic Games.

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Dennis Sewell, of The Spectator, gives his take on the week in Fleet Street on BBC Radio 4's What the Papers Say.

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