Quiz: What the Papers Say

The resignation of Defence Secretary Liam Fox dominated the headlines this week but what else was in the papers?

Who were allowed to send tweets this week?

a) Members of Parliament in the House of Commons

b) The new Lotto Millionaires

c) Sir Paul McCartney's wedding guests

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What was unusually flying over Downing Street this week?

a) A picture of Liam Fox

b) A US Drone

c) The Welsh flag

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Who will no longer dispose of copies of documents in a park bin?

a) The Wombles

b) Oliver Letwin

c) Adam Werritty

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Which former politician didn't last as many rounds as Ann Widdecombe in Strictly?

a) Tony Blair

b) Edwina Currie

c) John Major

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Which editor defended the integrity of the press this week?

a) Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail

b) Rachel Johnson of The Lady

c) Ian Hislop of Private Eye

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Sarah Sands of The Evening Standard is the presenter on BBC Radio 4's What the Papers Say. at 2245 BST

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