Quiz: What the Papers Say

Europe dominated the headlines this week. But what else were the British papers writing about?

1. What did French President Nicolas Sarkozy say about German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the EU summit?

a) She's the best Chancellor Germany has ever had.

b) She's going to help steer Europe through the crisis in the eurozone.

c) She says she is on a diet and then helps herself to a second helping of cheese.

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2. Which Canon wasn't fired, but resigned after protests closed St Paul's Cathedral?

a) Cannon and Ball

b) Canon Giles Fraser

c) Canon Cameras

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3. What did The Daily Mail call the proposal to move away from Greenwich Mean Time?

a) Berlin Time

b) A jolly good idea

c) D-Day

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4. What did the Queen not see on her visit to Australia?

a) The Australian Parliament

b) A protester's 'Didgeridoo'

c) A traditional Australian BBQ

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5. What did Vince Cable promise to do after failing to pay a VAT bill on future earnings?

a) Step down as Business Secretary

b) Pay his tax

c) Speak out against tax avoidance

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Miranda Green of The Day gives her take on the week in Fleet Street on BBC Radio 4's What the Papers Say.

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