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Quiz: What the Papers Say

The eurozone crisis dominated the headlines this week, but what else were the British newspapers talking about?

1. Who tweeted: "I'm going to ignore the rumours... And focus on what is real. Love y'all?"

a) George Papandreou

b) Justin Bieber

c) Hugh Grant

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2. Who is Ruth Davidson?

a) The "alleged" mother of Justin Bieber's child

b) The new leader of the Scottish Conservative party

c) The chief organiser of the Protest camp at St Paul's

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3. Which country was going to have a referendum on the eurozone bailout plan?

a) Britain

b) Greece

c) Germany

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4. Which country announced on Friday it is now going to be supervised by the International Monetary Fund?

a) Italy

b) Greece

c) Britain

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5. Who called for a "Robin Hood tax" on bankers?

a) Step down as Business Secretary

b) Pay his tax

c) Speak out against tax avoidance

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John Harris of The Guardian presented What the Papers Say on Radio 4 at 22h45 on Sunday 6th November.

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