Feeling the heat

Unemployment is up again, the chancellor's preparing the country for figures which look set to show that the economy is shrinking and the IMF is about to ask Britain for billions of pounds extra to bail out stricken Eurozone countries.

Ed Miliband might have had a tricky start to the year but it will soon be David Cameron and George Osborne who are feeling the political heat.

PS: On Wednesday night, on BBC Radio 4, Decision Time examines whether it is time to re-define Britain's relationship with Europe.

At the last EU summit, David Cameron found himself alone, one against 26. Inevitable, say some, and the right way for the future.

Not so, say others, we need to re-build our alliances.

Tonight the former foreign secretary, David Miliband, the diplomat who negotiated the Maastricht Treaty, Lord Kerr, Tony Blair's former economic adviser Derek Scott, the government's former chief economist Vicky Pryce and Tory Eurosceptic MP Andrea Leadsom discuss how a decision about Britain's future in Europe might be taken.

That's Decision Time on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday at 2000 GMT - and later on the website.

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