Decision time on a new airport

It's Decision Time on whether to spend billions on a new airport for the UK.

It would, say its backers, stimulate growth and silence the noise of Heathrow. Nonsense say the critics. The idea of a brand new airport to the east of London is a vanity project which has been looked at in the 1940s and 70s and rejected. Others argue that the environmental costs of expanding air travel at all are simply too high.

I'll examine how any government would decide whether to take on the huge challenge of building a new airport with the head of BA, a green campaigner who got himself arrested to stop Heathrow being expanded, the former head of civil aviation policy in Whitehall, a former transport minister and a former climate change adviser at Number 10.

That's Decision Time on BBC Radio 4 at 8pm tonight, or you can listen afterwards here.

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