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Quiz: What the Papers Say

The death of Foreign Correspondent Marie Colvin dominated the press this week, but what else were the newspapers talking about?

1)What was Sunday Times war reporter Marie Colvin searching for in Syria when she was killed?

a) Her notebook?

b) Her shoes?

c) Her handbag?

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2)What did the Archbishop of York urge people to do seven times a week in his Sun on Sunday column?

a) Attend church?

b) Give to charity?

c) Buy the Sun?

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3)Pupils of which school invented the 29-letter word "Floccinaucinihilipilification" used by a Tory MP in the House of Commons?

a) Eton

b) Harrow

c) Bash Street

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4)Which French politician denied allegations he'd used the services of call girls, by saying that when women weren't wearing any clothes, it wasn't possible to tell whether they were prostitutes?

a) Nicolas Sarkozy

b) Dominique Strauss Khan

c) Jacques Chirac

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5)What was the name of the pensioner who Andrew Lansley found wasn't full of the joys of Spring about NHS reforms?

a) June Hardwoman?

b) June Hardup?

c) June Hautot?

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