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Quiz: What the Papers Say

Fleet Street was dominated by 'horsegate' this week, but what else were the British newspapers writing about?

1. What was the name of the retired Metropolitan police horse, which was allegedly ridden by David Cameron and Rebecca Brooks?

a) Gorbachev

b) Raisa

c) Nancy

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2. Where did the ONS reveal to be happiest places to live in the UK?

a) Scotland and Northern Ireland

b) London and the South East

c) The North West and the North East

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3. Who was seeking re-election in the Russian elections?

a) Vladimir Putin

b) Dmitry Medvedev

c) Roman Abramovich

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4. What position did James Murdoch resign from last week?

a) Editor of The Sun

b) Chief Executive of BSkyB

c) Chairman of News International

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5. Where will David Cameron's advisor, Steve Hilton, spend his sabbatical?

a) Australia

b) Chipping Norton

c) Stanford University

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