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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What was dominating British newspaper coverage last week?

1. Which US politician emerged as the Republican front runner following Super Tuesday?

a) Mitt Romney

b) Sarah Palin

c) John McCain

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2. What did Vince Cable announce this week?

a) A plan to break away from the Coalition

b) Support for a mansion tax on British homes worth more than £2m

c) A 75 pence top tax rate

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3. Who was described as the world's most eligible batchelor this week?

a) Prince Harry on his tour of the Carribbean

b) England's new rugby captain, Chris Robshaw

c) Dominique Strauss Khan when appearing at the Cambridge Union Society

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4. What did Nicolas Sarkozy say in attempt to boost his poll ratings this week?

a) Taxes would be scrapped if he were re-elected

b) He would buy a range of new suits for his main opponent, Francois Hollande

c) There are too many immigrants in France

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5. What is Germany's Bild newspaper getting rid of this week?

a) The Stock Exchange report

b) Pictures of naked women on the front page

c) Sports news

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