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Quiz: What the Papers Say

The arrest of Abu Qatada dominated British newspapers this week but what else was Fleet Street talking about?

1. In Prime Minister's Questions this week, Ed Miliband used what word from TV satire programme, The Thick of It, to describe a series of Government policy and PR disasters?

a) Omnishambles

b) A fine mess

c) Omnibuses

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2. What country does the radical cleric Abu Qatada come from?

a) Somalia

b) Jordan

c) Kenya

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3. Which candidate has emerged as the favourite to win the next round of the French elections?

a) Nicolas Sarkozy

b) Francois Hollande

c) Marine Le Pen

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4. George Osborne signed off a £10bn loan to which organisation last week?

a) The European Union

b) The IMF

c) The UN

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5. What was turned off in London last week?

a) Broadband

b) The internet

c) Ceefax

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