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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What were the newspapers talking about this week?

1) What was the name of the boat, which the Queen used to travel down the Thames during the Jubilee Flotilla?

a) The Britannia

b) The Spirit of Chartwell

c) Ocean

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2) Who made the dress The Duchess of Cambridge wore to the Buckingham Palace Jubilee Garden party?

a) Emilia Wickstead

b) Vivienne Westwood

c) Alice Temperley

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3) Which newspaper lost its daily and Sunday edition editors last week?

a) The Sun

b) The Mirror

c) The Mail

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4) The Chancellor announced several Budget U turns last week, which one had The Sun been campaigning for?

a) The Pasty tax

b) The Granny tax

c) Abolition of the top tax rate

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5) Which protester heckled Tony Blair during his appearance at Leveson?

a) David Lawley-Wakelin

b) Johnny Marbles

c) Trenton Oldfield

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