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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What were the papers talking about last week?

1. Who did the Leveson inquiry reveal sent David Cameron a text saying, "professionally were definitely in this together"?

a) Rupert Murdoch

b) Rebekah Brooks

c) Nick Clegg

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2. What was dubbed 'the war of the roses' last week?

a) A tweet by France's first lady supporting the opponent of President Hollande's former partner.

b) Katy Perry's song lyrics about her divorce from Russell Brand

c) The Duchess of Cambridge wearing the same colour outfit as the Countess of Wessex to watch William in Royal Order of the Garter procession

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3. Why did some newspapers claim that German holiday makers are able to put their towels on the sun loungers first?

a) They put them on the night before

b) They sleep less and start work earlier?

c) They ask the hotel staff to put them on

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4. Which team did England beat in the Euro 2012 championships last week?

a) France

b) Sweden

c) Spain

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5. Was was it revealed last week that David Cameron left behind in a pub a few weeks ago?

a) Some policy documents

b) Larry the cat

c) His daughter, Nancy

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