Bill-by-bill: Guide to MPs' private members' bills

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Twenty MPs have won the right to bring in their own parliamentary bill on the issues that most concern them - from preserving the Antarctic to blocking prisoners' mobile phones. The BBC's Justin Parkinson looks at the full list and details the aim of each bill.


John McDonnell, Labour

John McDonnell

Bank of England Appointment of Governor Bill

Require MPs to approve Bank of England governors.

6 July

Richard Ottaway, Conservative

Richard Ottaway

Scrap Metal Dealers Bill

Make it harder for scrap metal dealers to sell stolen metals.

13 July

Barbara Keeley, Labour

Barbara Keeley

Social Care, Local Sufficiency and Identification of Carers Bill

Ensure GPs recognise when a patient is a carer and take their needs into account. Require schools to have written policies to support young carers. Place a duty on social services to support families where the adult relies on the caring role of child.

7 September

Gavin Barwell, Conservative

Gavin Barwell

Mental Health Discrimination Number Two Bill

Amend existing law to reduce the numbers of those ineligible for jury service or to be company director on mental health grounds.

14 September

Peter Aldous, Conservative

Peter Aldous

Mobile Homes Bill

Change the regulations applying to mobile home sites to protect residents from unscrupulous owners.

19 October

John Hemming, Lib Dem

John Hemming

Family Justice, Transparency, Accountability and Cost of Living Bill

Open up the family justice system, allowing any party in a case to have observers in court. Complaints made by children in care to be investigated by an independent body. Give grandparents continued access to grandchildren in family break-ups.

26 October

Neil Carmichael, Conservative

Neil Carmichael

Antarctic Bill

Greater protection for frozen wilderness in the Antarctic, timed to coincide with the centenary of Captain Scott's ill-fated expedition.

2 November

Sir Paul Beresford, Conservative

Sir Paul Beresford

Prisons Interference With Wireless Telegraphy Bill

Allow prison governors to block mobile phone signals, to prevent inmates from carrying out illegal activities while inside. It is currently illegal to block signals

6 July

Richard Harrington, Conservative

Richard Harrington

Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Bill

Make illegal sub-letting of social housing property a specific criminal offence. Backed by government.

13 July

Mike Weir, SNP

Mike Weir

Winter Fuel Allowance Payments Ofgas Grid Claimants Bill

Allow early payment of Winter Fuel Allowance to pensioners whose homes are not connected to the mains grid, and instead use oil, liquid petroleum gas or propane gas for heating.

7 September

Stuart Andrew, Conservative

Stuart Andrew

Prisons Property Bill

Change law so items smuggled in to prisons, such as mobile phones and weapons, which are confiscated, do not have to be returned to inmates on their release. A loophole in the law currently means prisoners have the right to have these given back.

14 September

Sheryll Murray, Conservative

Sheryll Murray

Marine Navigation Number Two Bill

Extend powers of port police beyond the current one-mile radius to allow them to deal better with suspects. Allow Trinity House, which oversees shipping safety, to charge for services on open market to cut costs for existing users.

19 October

Lindsay Roy, Labour

Lindsay Roy

Off-Road Vehicles Registration Bill

Make it compulsory to register all motorcycles and quad bikes, even when not used on roads, to reduce harassment and vandalism and make it easier for police to detect criminal activity.

26 October

John Glen, Conservative

John Glen

Presumption of Death Bill

Enable families of people missing presumed dead to get a certificate to that effect, with equal legal force to an ordinary death certificate. This, it is argued, would make it easier to deal with legal issues, such as probate, and closing bank accounts.

2 November

Jo Swinson, Lib Dem

Jo Swinson

Price-Marking Consumer Information Bill

Make supermarket prices more understandable and comparable to allow customers to get the best deal available on food and other groceries.

2 November

Mark Hendrick, Labour

Mark Hendrick

International Development Official Development Assistance Target Bill

Enshrine in law the coalition government's commitment to spend at least 0.7 of GDP on overseas aid.

13 July

Simon Kirby, Conservative

Simon Kirby

Disabled Persons' Parking Badges Bill

Allow councils to use plain-clothes inspectors to detect parking-badge fraud and to recover badges that have been cancelled.

6 July

Michael Meacher, Labour

Michael Meacher

General Anti-Tax Avoidance Principle Bill

Allow HM Revenue and Customs to declare any scheme designed purely to allow the avoidance of tax "null and void" in law.

14 September

Michael Connarty, Labour

Michael Connarty

Transparency in UK Companies' Supply Chains Eradication of Slavery Bill

Put a duty on companies with an annual turnover of more than £100m to create and publish an audit of their supply chain, in an effort to cut slave labour.

19 October

Douglas Carswell, Conservative

Douglas Carswell

European Communities Act 1972 Repeal Bill

Give British law precedence over European regulations and repeal the act incorporating the UK into the Common Market.

26 October

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