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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What were the newspapers talking about this week?

1.The Denver cinema shootings took place during which film?

a) Batman

b) Spider Man

c) Ice Age

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2. Which man became the first Brit to win the Tour de France?

a) Chris Hoy

b) Bradley Wiggins

c) Chris Boardman

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3.Who accompanied the Chief Executive of G4S, Nick Buckles, in appearing before a Committee of MPs last week to explain Olympic security problems?

a) G4S Executive, Ian Horseman-Sewell

b) Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt

c) Home Secretary, Theresa May

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4. Which company recruited a pregnant CEO last week?

a) Google

b) Amazon

c) Yahoo

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5. Who resigned their Directorship of News International over the weekend?

a) Rupert Murdoch

b) James Murdoch

c) Elizabeth Murdoch

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