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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What were the newspapers talking about this week?

1. Who lit the 2012 Paralympics cauldron in Stratford?

a) Margaret Maughan

b) Stephen Hawking

c) Simon Weston

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2. Which athlete won Britain's first 2012 Paralympic medal?

a) Natasha Baker

b) Ellie Simmonds

c) Mark Colbourne

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3. Which party leader suggested introducing a wealth tax?

a) Nick Clegg

b) Ed Miliband

c) David Cameron

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4. The editor of which newspaper spoke out against a letter to editors from Lord Justice Leveson?

a) The Independent

b) The Times

c) The Mirror

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5. Reports of a lion on the loose emerged in which county?

a) Lancashire

b) Surrey

c) Essex

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