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Quiz: What the Papers Say

What were the papers talking about this week?

1) What percentage of women is now in the cabinet after this week's reshuffle?





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2) Which newspaper described President Obama at the Democratic Conference as looking like a "battle-tested commander who now carries the visible scars of four years of political trench warfare"?

A)The Telegraph

B)The Times

C)The Independent

D)The Daily Express

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3) Which British paralympian has won the most medals?

A)Tanni Grey-Thompson

B)Mike Kenny

C)Sarah Storey

D)Lee Pearson

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4) Which columnist this week found a close connection between Shakespeare and 'Big Brother'?

A) Polly Toynbee in 'The Guardian'

B) Patrick Hennessey in 'The Telegraph'

C) Jan Moir in 'The Daily Mail'

D) David Aaronovitch in 'The Times'

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