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2012 Party conferences: coloured balls testing the mood

The Daily Politics is testing the mood of the delegates at the Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative parties.

For the third year, a few coloured balls and plastic bins - we call them a mood box - are being used in a series of unscientific polls to see what party members think about key issues.

The delegates are asked a question of the day - by Adam Fleming or Giles Dilnot - and then vote by using their ball and we have a look at the end of the vote to judge the mood of the conference.

All of the videos will appear on this page and also are being used on the Daily Politics website.

Conservative delegates asked: Romney or Obama to win?

Conservative delegates asked: Is Boris Johnson a future Tory leader?

Conservative delegates asked: EU referendum - now or later?

Labour delegates asked: Should free schools be kept or closed?

Labour delegates asked: Is Ed Miliband posh or not?

Labour delegates asked: Should Blairites stay or go?

Labour delegates asked: Should we have an EU referendum?

Lib Dem delegates asked: Should Clegg stay or go?

Lib Dem delegates asked to chose: Labour or Tory?

Lib Dem delegates asked: Can they forgive Nick Clegg?

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