Key points: Coalition mid-term review

The coalition has published a detailed pledge-by-pledge audit of its progress so far, building on Monday's mid-term review. Here, on a page being updated to include the details in the audit, are the key coalition pledges, the government and Labour views on progress, and what's on the coalition's "to do" list.


Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Commission to look at "structural" banking reform
  • New banking levy
  • Clampdown on "unacceptable" bonuses
  • More lending to businesses

Where power lies

Not all coalition policies apply to all of the UK. For more details on Westminster's complex settlement with the devolved institutions, see BBC Democracy Live's guide.

What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Stability of banks has improved
  • "Failed" regulatory system to be replaced in April
  • Levy ensures banks make "fair" contribution
  • "Unparalleled transparency" in bankers' pay
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Banks have been given tax cut and the levy is "weak"
  • Bankers' bonuses remain "large" and transparency insufficient
  • Banks not lending enough to viable small businesses
  • Regulatory reform plans inadequate
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Further reforms to financial regulation, including a separation of retail and investment banking
  • More competition among high-street banks


City of London skyline
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • No new regulation without "other regulation being cut by a greater amount"
  • Simplify taxes for small businesses
  • Create "most competitive corporate tax regime in the G20"
  • Make it easier to start new businesses
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Helped businesses create more than one million new jobs
  • Cut corporation tax from 28% to 24% and legislate for 21% by 2014
  • Cut top rate of income tax even as "the wealthiest pay more overall"
  • Enabled business lending to increase
  • Invested in high-tech industry, infrastructure, housing, and regional growth
  • Curbed bureaucracy
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • More than 40,000 businesses have gone bust
  • Take-up of National Insurance holiday scheme very low
  • Workers' rights under threat
  • Government has "no plan for jobs and growth"
  • Regional growth scheme is "in chaos"
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Develop industrial strategy
  • More investment in high-tech industry, infrastructure, and house-building
  • Devolve powers over local economies
  • Boost lending to businesses
  • Ease burden of taxation on small businesses
  • Cut regulation further
  • Alter employment law, e.g. by introducing shared parental leave
  • Promote British exports


CCTV camera
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Great Repeal Bill, to include abolition of ID cards
  • Safeguards for use of personal details on the DNA database
  • Defend trial by jury
  • Review libel laws
  • End unjustified storage of data on web-usage
  • Commission to assess case for British Bill of Rights
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • ID cards scrapped
  • Abuse of anti-terror laws prevented
  • System of monitoring suspected terrorists altered
  • DNA retention curbed
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Plans for increased surveillance of web usage causing "huge alarm"
  • Ministers forced to alter "secret courts" plans after Lords defeats
  • DNA changes make it harder for police to catch criminals
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Complete process of reforming libel laws
  • Boost scrutiny of security services
  • Find right "balance" on trials involving matters of national security
  • Consider the commission's report on the case for a new Bill of Rights


Rubbish collector
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • "Radical" shift in power to local government and community groups
  • Councils and residents to increase role in local planning decisions
  • Bring empty homes into use, and promote shared housing ownership schemes
  • Freeze council tax
  • Improve energy efficiency of new housing
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • "Sweeping reforms" have increased local authorities' freedoms
  • Council tax frozen
  • Neighbourhoods have more power over planning
  • Directly elected mayors introduced in Bristol, Leicester and Liverpool
  • Retention of weekly refuse collections for 6 million households
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • House-building has fallen
  • Rents and homelessness are rising
  • Localism policies actually gave "extraordinary" new powers to central government
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Devolve more powers to local government
  • Support local authorities keen to share services


Credit cards
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Regulators to have power to ban "excessive" charges for credit and store cards
  • Better information for credit-card users
  • End unfair bank charges
  • Curb "abuses of power" by supermarkets
  • Better information on different tariffs to be included in energy bills
  • Establish a free national financial advice service
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Energy companies will notify customers of cheaper tariffs
  • The Money Advice Service has been established
  • Car insurance premiums have been cut
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Government failing to stand up for consumers
  • Train companies hiking fares after Labour's "strict cap" was abolished
  • All top energy companies raising prices by between 10% and 20%
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Ensure consumers get the lowest appropriate energy tariff
  • Clarify consumers' rights in law
  • Stop regulated rail fares and London Transport fares rising by an average of more than 1% above inflation in 2013 and 2014
  • Give consumers access to data collected and held by businesses
  • Decide whether to extend the rural fuel discount scheme to remote mainland communities
  • Strengthen protection against "rogue bailiffs"


Police on the beat
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Cut bureaucracy in policing
  • Review police officers' terms of employment
  • Directly elected oversight of police
  • Publication of more crime data
  • Public to hold police to account at regular meetings
  • Bolster rights of homeowners to tackle burglars
  • Ban on selling alcohol "below cost price"
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Directly elected police and crime commissioners (PCCs)
  • More than 500 million hits on crime data website
  • Police bureaucracy cut
  • Consultation on 45p-per-unit minimum price for alcohol
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Cuts will cost more than 15,000 police officer jobs
  • Police powers to tackle anti-social behaviour being weakened
  • Turnout for PCC elections was historically low
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • "Modernise" police pay and conditions
  • Formally establish the College of Policing
  • Ensure that the police "operate to the highest ethical standards"
  • Scrap Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (Asbos) and bring in a "more effective system"
  • Create a new law against drug driving


Olympic opening ceremony
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • More scrutiny of BBC spending
  • Promote local media
  • Maintain free entry to national museums and galleries
  • Help to ensure London 2012 Games and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are a success
  • Improve administration of National Lottery
  • Introduce "Olympics-style schools sport event"
  • Cut bureaucracy for live music venues
  • Increase broadband internet access
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • London 2012 Games were "successful and memorable"
  • More than 15,000 schools signed up to School Games competition
  • Cut costs for small venues keen to stage live music
  • National museums and galleries still free to enter
  • The National Audit Office now has access to BBC accounts
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • David Cameron was "shamed" into setting up Leveson Inquiry on media ethics, and then "rubbished its central recommendation"
  • Jeremy Hunt did not lose his job as culture secretary despite "clear evidence" that had broken the ministerial code
  • Ministers forced to scrap changes to tax on charitable giving
  • Involvement in school sport now in decline
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Improve participation in sport
  • Maintain funding for elite athletes
  • Encourage volunteering to facilitate sport in communities
  • Work with the Scottish Government to hold a successful Commonwealth Games in 2014
  • Push for implementation of the Leveson Report


British troops in Afghanistan
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Maintain Trident nuclear weapons system
  • Cut MoD running costs by at least 25%
  • "Rebuild" military covenant governing relationship between armed forces and society
  • Review Armed Forces pay and quality of accommodation
  • Improve treatment of injured personnel
  • Support defence exports that are not used for "internal repression"
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Trident maintained and defence spending large compared with most other countries
  • MoD costs cut and 20,000 civilian jobs shed
  • Military covenant enshrined in law
  • Government support for defence exports continues, although rules tightened due to "lessons learned from the Arab Spring"
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Military personnel sacked months before pensions due
  • Investment in accommodation being cut
  • 30,000 Armed Forces job cuts will leave UK with "skills shortages"
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Invest in new equipment, including aircraft carriers, the joint strike fighter aircraft, and a "renewed nuclear deterrent"
  • Increase role and capability of reservists
  • Improve service accommodation
  • Axe a further 7,000 MOD civilian jobs
  • Find £4bn in savings from MoD budget
  • Sell unneeded MoD land
  • Complete and publish the review of alternatives to Trident
  • Distribute £35m in fines for Libor manipulation to service personnel and their families


The Treasury team on the day of the 2012 Budget
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Reduce the deficit mainly by cutting spending rather than raising taxes
  • Full Spending Review by Autumn 2010
  • Reduce Child Trust Funds and cut tax credits for high earners
  • Abolish a number of quangos
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Deficit cut by a quarter
  • Low earners protected
  • Government spending now more efficient
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Government policies caused double-dip recession
  • Borrowing is £212bn higher than planned
  • Welfare bill is "soaring"
  • Working families suffering due to below-inflation increases to in-work benefits
  • The "very richest" receiving £3bn tax cut
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Press on with deficit reduction
  • Set out detailed spending plans for 2015-16 fiscal year
  • Bear down further on fraud and error in Whitehall spending
  • Increase number of government procurement contracts going to small- and medium-sized enterprises


Sunrise over an oil refinery
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Push for increase in EU emissions reduction target to 30% by 2020
  • Generate more energy from renewable sources
  • Invest in carbon capture and storage
  • Found green investment bank
  • Encourage marine energy, and energy from waste through anaerobic digestion
  • Block third runway at Heathrow, and expansion of Gatwick and Stansted
  • Improve home energy efficiency
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • £3bn allocated to new green investment bank
  • Energy derived from renewables increasing
  • £1bn investment in carbon capture and storage
  • Helped "get EU back on track" to cutting energy consumption by 20% by 2020
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Solar power industry hit by changes to feed-in tariffs
  • Investment in renewables has halved
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Treble support to low-carbon energy up to 2020
  • Invest in gas-fired power and carbon capture and storage projects
  • Encourage the exploitation of shale gas
  • Clarify rules on tax relief available for North Sea oil and gas decommissioning
  • Support investment in renewable energy
  • Encourage private-sector investment in nuclear power stations
  • Introduce smart meters
  • Encourage energy efficiency via the "Green Deal"
  • Continue to support the Green Investment Bank.
  • Promote electric cars


Field of wheat
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Criminalise the import or possession of illegally logged timber
  • Launch tree-planting campaign
  • Review governance of National Parks
  • Work towards EU air quality standards
  • Improve flood defences
  • Encourage recycling
  • A "carefully managed and science-led policy of badger control" to curb bovine TB
  • Give MPs a free vote on repeal of the Hunting Act
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Better deal for farmers, particularly milk producers
  • Clearer food labelling
  • Developed strategy on generating energy from waste via anaerobic digestion
  • Lower fuel bills for remote communities
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Ministers forced into U-turn on selling publicly owned forests
  • Support for badger cull goes against official advice
  • Investment in flood defences cut by 27%
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Improve broadband internet access and improve mobile phone network coverage
  • Plant a million trees by 2015
  • Curb the trade in illegal logging
  • Implement the "Biodiversity Strategy"
  • Cut regulations on marine licensing
  • Invest in "flood risk management"
  • Cut air pollution in towns and cities
  • Tackle bovine TB with the postponed badger cull
  • Implement the "Ash Dieback Control Strategy"


Civil partnership
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Tackle discrimination at work, including in pay packages
  • Promote gender equality on company boards
  • Offer Whitehall internships to ethnic minority candidates
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Automatic retirement at 65 abolished
  • Proportion of female board members up by about a half
  • Past convictions for consensual gay relationships quashed
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Women hit hardest by spending cuts
  • Insufficient action to curb childcare costs
  • Ministers have abandoned a Labour bid to tackle the gender pay gap
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Legislate for same-sex marriages
  • Compel companies that have "unequal pay practices" to change them


EU flag
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • UK to play a "strong and positive role" in the EU
  • No further transfer of powers to Brussels without referendum
  • Ensure that UK does not join euro
  • Support EU enlargement
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • "Referendum lock" in place
  • Group of 12 pro-market EU member states established
  • Agreed to EU-Singapore free-trade deal
  • Backed accession of Croatia to EU
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Veto at December 2011 summit showed "failure" of UK leadership
  • David Cameron "sleepwalking" towards EU exit
  • Decision to opt out of European Arrest Warrant undermines fight against international crime
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Insist on "fiscally responsible" outcome in long-term EU budget negotiations
  • Defend the interests of British banks
  • Publish the findings of a comprehensive review of the UK's relationship with the EU
  • Push for a free-trade deal between the EU and the US
  • Seek changes to Working Time Directive


Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • End child poverty by 2020
  • Free nursery care for pre-school children
  • Refocus Sure Start centres on the neediest families
  • "New approach" to helping families with multiple problems
  • Crack down on "irresponsible" advertising to children
  • Promote system of flexible parental leave
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Payment-by-results scheme in place to help 120,000 most troubled families
  • Children protected from irresponsible advertising
  • Improvements in how child poverty is calculated
  • Support for people aiming to set up childcare businesses
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Single-parent families worse off
  • Families contributing more than banks to deficit reduction
  • Sure Start funding cut, with 381 centres closing
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Introduce early education for two-year-olds from poor backgrounds
  • Implement "named midwife" policy
  • Legislate for flexible parental leave
  • Make it easier to adopt
  • Cut child-protection bureaucracy
  • Reduce delays in family law cases
  • Hire 4,200 more health visitors
  • Allow Lib Dems to abstain on tax breaks for married couples


Union flag
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Work towards security in Afghanistan and peace in the Middle East
  • Improve relations with India and maintain ties with the US
  • Strengthen the Commonwealth and reform the UN Security Council
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • A transition to democracy in Libya
  • Support for more open societies in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen
  • Helped secure sanctions against Iran in response to nuclear programme
  • Provided aid to victims of the conflict in Syria
  • Progress in international efforts to tackle piracy off the coast of Somalia
  • Promoted democratic reforms in Burma
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Government not committed to international institutions
  • UK national interest neglected
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Support Afghan government's efforts to improve security, and continue plans to withdraw British troops
  • Prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons
  • Push for peace in Syria
  • Support EU enlargement to Western Balkans and Turkey, subject to conditions
  • Support democracy in Egypt, Libya
  • Press on with Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict initiative
  • Insist on self-determination for Gibraltar and the Falklands


Whitehall sign
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • More transparency in public sector pay
  • Introduce a statutory register of lobbyists
  • Reforms to party funding
  • "Open up" government procurement
  • Better public access to government data
  • Councils to be forced to publish data on all spending over £500
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Details of all government spending over £25,000 published
  • Nearly 9,000 datasets published at
  • Process of consolidating government websites under way
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Government should publish more details of meetings with party donors
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Publish more details on meetings between politicians and media figures
  • Implement Open Data and Transparency White Paper
  • Open up government procurement wider
  • Complete transition to new website
  • Support people who are unable to use digital services


Passport being stamped
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Annual limit on non-EU immigration
  • End detention of children for immigration purposes
  • Create border police force
  • Minimise abuse of immigration rules
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Net migration has fallen by 59,000 to 183,000
  • Cap on non-EU immigration introduced
  • Requirement that some migrants speak English
  • Bogus colleges abolished
  • Detention of children for immigration purposes now ended
  • Asylum cases resolved faster
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Action on illegal immigration being weakened
  • Border checks in summer 2011 abandoned
  • UK Border Agency losing 5,000 staff due to cuts
  • Queues at borders have been "embarrassing"
  • Serious backlog on asylum and immigration cases
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Cut immigration further
  • Encourage experts, scientists, artists and performers from abroad to work in the UK
  • No cap on number of entrepreneurs, rich people keen to invest in the UK, or senior executives applying for visas
  • Tighten process of applying for visa
  • No cap on immigration of "genuine students", 1,000 places for MBA graduates who want to start up businesses in UK, allow PhDs to stay longer
  • Continue to allow intra-company transfers
  • Impose transitional immigration controls on all new members of the EU
  • Introduce a new "Life in the UK" handbook and test


Women stand in floodwaters to collect drinking water in India
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Increase aid to 0.7% of Gross National Income from 2013, and enshrine this commitment in law
  • Encourage other countries to fulfil their aid commitments
  • Support millennium development goals and democratic reforms
  • Give public a say in how aid is spent
  • Reduce maternal and infant mortality
  • Take action against "vulture funds"
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Aid spending refocused on countries in most need and best performing international institutions
  • Established new body to examine effectiveness of aid spending
  • Raised funds to immunise 250 million children
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Ministers have not yet legislated on the 0.7% commitment
  • Aid budget being cut by more than £1.8bn
  • Aid to Rwanda restored despite evidence of involvement in DRC conflict
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Deliver on commitment to increase aid to 0.7% of Gross National Income from 2013, and enshrine this commitment in law
  • Provide access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation for up to 60 million people
  • Stop 250,000 babies dying unnecessarily
  • Support 11 million school-children
  • Vaccinate more children against preventable diseases
  • Save the lives of 50,000 women in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Support 13 countries to hold free and fair elections


A woman walks past a job centre
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Introduce payment-by-results in welfare-to-work
  • Make benefits conditional on "willingness to work"
  • Re-assess incapacity benefit claims
  • Support unemployed people keen to start new businesses
  • Simplify the benefits system
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Reforms will save £19bn per year by 2014-15
  • Benefits cap to apply from 2013
  • Universal Credit to simplify benefits system "radically"
  • Number of people on incapacity benefits cut by 145,000
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Benefits reforms hitting working people not "scroungers"
  • Welfare-to-work programme less effective "than doing nothing"
  • Welfare bill £13bn higher than planned
  • Universal Credit late and over-budget
  • Number of long-term unemployed young people doubled
  • "Genuinely ill" people suffering from changes to incapacity benefits
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Push forward with Universal Credit and the Youth Contract
  • Introduce the Personal Independence Payment for disabled people
  • Provide start-up loans and business mentors to unemployed people
  • "Protect key benefits for older people"


Lady Justice, above the Central Criminal Court, London
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • "Rehabilitation revolution" to pay independent providers able to cut reoffending
  • Review sentencing policy and legal aid
  • Establish new rape crisis centres
  • Anonymity for defendants in rape cases
  • Increased use of restorative justice
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Payment-by-results pilot schemes helping to tackle reoffending
  • More offenders receiving drug treatment
  • Improved support for victims
  • Legal aid restricted to "serious issues"
  • Mandatory prison time for aggravated knife possession
  • New offence of causing serious injury by dangerous driving
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Abolition of indeterminate sentences has weakened public protection
  • Legal aid harder to claim in domestic violence cases
  • Punishment for knife crime not as tough as promised
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Reduce reoffending and cut crime
  • Legislate for more restorative justice
  • Use new technology to track offenders
  • Test weekend and night courts to speed up justice
  • Explore the potential for further new rape support centres
  • Enable court broadcasting


Policeman at Parliament, London
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • National Security Council established
  • Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) to be carried out
  • Control Orders to be reviewed urgently
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • National Security Council meeting each week
  • SDSR completed
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Handling of Abu Qatada deportation case "shambolic"
  • Replacement of control orders has weakened restrictions on terror suspects
  • "Chaos" at UK borders in summer 2011 mean a number of people entered the country without the proper checks
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Protect counter-terrorism capabilities
  • Invest in improving cyber security
  • Create Border Policing Command to seize illegal goods and curb illegal immigration
  • Revise proposals on monitoring web usage


Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Increase health spending above inflation every year
  • "Stop the top-down reorganisations of the NHS"
  • Axe a number of health quangos
  • Cut administration costs by a third
  • GPs to gain role in health service commissioning
  • Directly elected members of primary care trust boards
  • Patients to be able to choose GP and rate services
  • Dementia research to be prioritised
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Health budget increased in real terms in 2011-12, and set to increase every subsequent year
  • Transition of commissioning of health services to GP-led groups under way
  • Pilot schemes set up in which patients can choose GPS
  • Reduced early preventable death from cancer
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Changes amount to "biggest top-down reorganisation of the NHS in its history"
  • Reforms will cost £3bn and increase bureaucracy
  • NHS spending cut "two years running" and £1bn spent on redundancies
  • 7,000 nursing jobs cut since 2010
  • Number of patients facing long waits in A&E has doubled
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Increase the health budget in real terms
  • Abolish strategic health authorities and primary care trusts from April 2013
  • Establish health and well-being boards
  • Invest up to £300m over five years in specialised housing for people in need of care
  • Introduce a new bowel screening programme
  • Regularly check that doctors are fit to carry out their duties


Pensioners by seaside
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • State pension to rise each year by the highest of earnings, prices and 2.5%
  • Phase out default retirement age and raise state pension
  • Compensate Equitable Life policy holders
  • Protect winter fuel allowances, free TV licences, free bus travel, and free eye tests and prescriptions for older people
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • "Triple lock" plan on state pension now in place
  • State pension age to increase to 66 by 2020 and 68 by 2028
  • Age-related universal protected
  • Default retirement age abolished
  • Payments to Equitable Life policy holders have begun
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Winter fuel allowances being cut
  • Pensioners will lose out after tax changes
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Expand automatic enrolment in workplace pensions
  • Reform public sector pensions
  • Carry through planned changes to state pension age
  • Continue to protect age-related universal benefits
  • Increase incentives for pension savings


Palace of Westminster
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Fixed-term Parliaments of five years
  • Cut number of MPs and make constituencies more equal in size
  • Referendum on AV
  • Power of recall over MPs
  • Committee to bring forward proposals for an elected House of Lords
  • Commons reforms to go ahead, including introduction of backbench business committee
  • Move to individual voter registration
  • Number of special advisers to be capped
  • Reform MPs' pensions
  • Petitions with over 100,000 signatures to be eligible for parliamentary debate
  • More public consultation on legislation
  • Council tax payers to be given right to veto "excessive" increases
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Fixed-term Parliaments now in place
  • AV referendum confirmed support for status quo
  • Process of establishing individual voter registration under way
  • Agreement on ending male primogeniture in royal succession rules and allowing heirs to the throne to marry Catholics
  • Reforms have improved working of Commons
  • Significant decentralisation of power to local authorities
  • E-petitions website live and debates ensuing
  • Council tax referendums now possible
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Lords reform failed
  • Boundary changes and cut to number of MPs "faltering"
  • 100 new peers created, costing more than predicted savings from smaller Commons
  • Special advisers increased in number after proposed cap ditched
  • Government yet to "clean up" lobbying
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Persevere with statutory register of lobbyists
  • Pursue agreement on party funding reform
  • Legislate for power to recall MPs
  • Introduce individual electoral registration by 2015
  • Campaign for Scotland to remain within the UK
  • Devolve more powers to Welsh Assembly
  • Consider devolving corporation tax powers to Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Hold Commons vote on boundary changes


Exam hall
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Shake-up of state school system to allow "new providers" to start schools
  • Additional funding for schools with poorer pupils
  • Help schools to reward good teachers and tackle underperformers
  • Anonymity for "teachers accused by pupils"
  • Increased flexibility in the exam system
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • 80 new "free schools" opened and a further 102 due to open in 2013
  • 60% of schools have already become academies or are converting
  • The "pupil premium" means that schools receive £623 per pupil on free school meals
  • Simplified Ofsted school ratings
  • Creation of English Baccalaureate
  • Strengthen right of teachers to impose discipline
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • GCSE system has been in "chaos"
  • New curriculum too "narrow", failing to equip young people for job market
  • Government responsible for "biggest cut to education funding since the 1950s"
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Pupil premium to increase to £900 per pupil by 2014
  • Extra funding to help 11-year-olds with maths and English
  • Funding for a further 100 free schools and academies
  • GCSEs to be replaced by English Baccalaureate
  • "Restore the reputation" of A-levels
  • Performance-related pay scales for teachers
  • Expansion of parental choice in special needs education
  • Train 2,000 exceptional graduates as teachers by 2016


A woman uses an ATM
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Support the creation and expansion of mutuals, co-operatives, charities and social enterprises
  • Public sector workers to form co-operatives and take over delivery of services
  • Encourage volunteering and charitable giving
  • Introduce National Citizen Service
  • Found a Big Society bank to finance local charities and social enterprises
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • "Big Society Capital" in place, funded by high street banks and money from dormant accounts
  • More than 8,400 people have taken part in a pilot of the National Citizen Service
  • 12,000 ATMs now enable people to donate to charity while withdrawing cash
  • Charities now able to claim Gift Aid-style payments on small cash donations
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Big Society policy "mired in confusion", having been relaunched five times
  • Changes to tax relief on charitable given - which were abandoned - would have had "serious" detrimental impact on charities
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • 5,000 community organisers to be recruited in deprived communities
  • Expand the ATM charitable giving scheme
  • Publish consultation on encouraging workplace payroll donations
  • Gift Aid to be simplified through use of online claims


Elderly people at a day centre in Hertfordshire
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Commission to report on long-term care
  • Direct payments for carers
  • Disabled people to be able to apply for jobs with funding secured for new equipment, if required
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Support in principle for Dilnot Commission on long-term care
  • More funding for adult social care
  • NHS funding to help carers receive breaks
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Funding for older people's care cut by £1.4bn
  • Delay over Dilnot review means no change before 2015
  • Insufficient provision of care in the community or at home, costing NHS hundreds of millions of pounds
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Consult on protecting services where providers fail
  • Make access to care more consistent
  • Universal deferred payments scheme to ensure no-one has to sell their homes to fund care
  • Enshrine in law entitlement to personal care budget


Treasury building, Whitehall
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Increase income tax threshold to help low- and middle-income earners
  • Lib Dems to be allowed to abstain on tax breaks for married couples
  • Tackle tax avoidance
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Lower tax for low- and middle-income households
  • More tax relief for entrepreneurs
  • Higher taxes on the wealthiest, e.g. higher stamp duty on expensive homes
  • £1bn invested in tax avoidance
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Highest earners benefiting from reduction in top rate of income tax
  • VAT has been hiked to 20%
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • Further increase the income tax threshold to £10,000 in stages
  • Introduce a general anti-abuse rule in the 2013 Finance Bill
  • Anti-tax avoidance and evasion measures to raise an extra £2bn a year
  • More than £5bn extra tax to be raised from Swiss bank account holders liable for UK tax


Train passing through Kent
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • National recharging network for electric cars
  • Promote private sector investment in rail infrastructure by granting longer franchises
  • Create high-speed rail network in stages
  • Promote cycling and walking
  • Curb rogue wheel clampers
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • Significant expansion of road network
  • Biggest investment in railways since Victorian times
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Train fares hiked by up to 9.2% this year
  • At least £40m wasted on West Coast rail franchise "fiasco"
  • Network Rail bosses paid "huge" bonuses
  • Local government funding cuts resulting in fewer bus services
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • South Wales Valley railways to be electrified
  • Build western rail link to Heathrow
  • Increase capacity on commuter routes
  • Bring forward legislation for High Speed Two rail link
  • Accelerate road building - upgrading the A1 and the M3
  • Support Crossrail and Thameslink projects in London
  • Support Commission examining airport capacity in south-east of England


Graduates at Oxford University
Original coalition agreement pledges:
  • Support internships and apprenticeships
  • Free colleges from state control
  • Allow Lib Dems to abstain if they do not accept findings of university funding review
What coalition says it's achieved:
  • University system secure thanks to increase in tuition fees
  • More financial support for poorer students
  • Almost a million apprenticeships created
  • Investment in science and research
Labour's verdict on coalition so far:
  • Higher fees regime to cost taxpayer up to £1bn more than previous system
  • Abolition of Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) hitting poorer students
  • Further and higher education funding from central government "slashed"
Coalition's mid-term 'to do' list:
  • More freedom for universities to attract highly qualified students
  • Universities required to publish performance indicators like student satisfaction
  • Implement Wolf reforms to vocational qualifications
  • Reduce number of further education qualifications
  • Introduce Advanced Learning Loans in August
  • £920m in extra investment for UK science research infrastructure

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