As it happened: Wednesday at Lib Dem conference

Key points

  • Party leader Nick Clegg delivers end-of-conference speech
  • Clegg says Lib Dems should be proud of record in government
  • Delegates have passed motions on anti-terror laws and legal aid

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Last updated 18 September 2013

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Michael Butlin

tweets: #Glasgow, goodbye till next year very pleasant #ldconf Liberal Democrat Conference. By public transport of course - Train

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Kiran Stacey, Political correspondent, The FT

tweets: My verdict on Clegg's #ldconf speech: there wasn't much there, but it was enough to cheer his party up

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Andrew Brown

tweets: What a difference a week makes: leadership v activists narrative fizzles out and #Clegg makes a belter of a speech at #ldconf

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Mehdi Hassan, Huffington Post UK's political director

tweets: "Nick Clegg Says Coalition Best For Britain, But Public Disagree"

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tweets: Nick Clegg's #ldconf speech was all about "me me me" when it should have been about "you you you" #Labour #Lab13


John Longworth of the British Chambers of Commerce says: "At a critical moment in Britain's economic recovery, our political leaders should be focused on growth. So it was curious to hear Nick Clegg talk more to his party about the virtues of coalition, rather than set out his big ideas for a more successful future."


Sir Menzies Campbell tells the BBC that when he was Lib Dem leader he wanted "a realignment" of the left and a deal with Labour, but blamed Labour for it not happening. Nick Clegg ruled out such a realignment in his conference speech.

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David Green, Politics student

tweets: Best speech ever from @nick_clegg at #ldconf LibDems a party of Government and that's where people need us #IAgreeWithNick #SEFS