In full: Prime Minister's Questions: David Cameron v Ed Miliband

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Last updated 9 October 2013


That concludes our coverage of Prime Minister's Questions. But the debate on the issues of the day continues on BBC Radio 4's The World at One. And, of course, the House of Commons is still going. Catch proceedings on BBC Democracy Live - where you'll also be able to catch an urgent question on the badger cull in the House of Lords at about 3.35pm.


The big issue of the day was undoubtedly energy prices. Ed Miliband is clearly determined to keep reminding the PM and public of his proposed freeze on tariffs. David Cameron is equally determined to attack the plans and push the message of economic recovery. Could this debate - cost-of-living worries versus overall GDP improvement - dominate the run-up to the next general election, which is scheduled for 2015?


David Cameron David Cameron said he was happy to spend some of his 47th birthday answering questions about energy policy.


Nick Robinson, Political editor

tweets: Back to the future. Cameron revives the "double whammy" warning against Labour - higher taxes & mortgage rates. Worked for John Major in '92


Nick Robinson, Political editor

tweets: Ed Miliband exposes Tory confusion over whether to attack "Marxist" energy price controls, ape them or simply call them a gimmick #pmqs


PMQs Here's a view of today's PMQs from the Conservative benches.


On energy tariffs, shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan says that, when a market system isn't working properly, it's up to the government to sort it out.


Policing minister Damian Green criticises Ed Miliband's proposed energy tariff freeze, saying the UK government cannot control global wholesale prices.


James Landale, Deputy Political Editor, BBC News

The cost of living is a concern to the electorate, which is why Ed Miliband is keen to raise it. But, at the next election, David Cameron wants the debate to be about the state of the economy.


Wait - we're into extra time as Ed Balls gets to ask a point of order on the prime minister's marriage tax break answer during PMQs. David Cameron replies to the shadow chancellor amid a huge wall of noise. Once he finishes Speaker John Bercow says he can now say that prime minister's questions is definitively over.