Cameron to Scots: We want you to stay

David Cameron and Alex Salmond For Cameron and Salmond, 2014 is the year of the referendum

Prime Minister David Cameron has told Scots "we want you to stay", as the UK enters the year in which Scotland will vote on independence.

He used his New Year message to stress the importance of the 18 September vote, which "matters to all of us".

"This year, let the message go out from England, Wales and Northern Ireland to everyone in Scotland," he said, "We want you to stay."

He also pledged to make the economy work for "people who work hard".

This was not a vote for the next few years but a vote that could change our country forever, the prime minister said, describing it as the biggest decision Scotland has ever been asked to make.

David Cameron: Britain should stick to long-term plan (video released by the Conservative Party)

Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond had given the opposite view in his New Year message, saying a "Yes" vote would ease a generation of mothers back to work through universal childcare, making Scotland the best country in the world to raise families.

Mr Cameron began his message by saying the UK economy had turned a corner and the government would not only stick to its economic plan but redouble its efforts to deliver every part of it.

Start Quote

This is a vital year for our economy”

End Quote Prime Minister David Cameron

"We're going to keep on doing everything possible to help hard-working people feel financially secure, cutting income taxes and freezing fuel duty."

"We've already capped welfare and cut immigration and, this year, we'll carry on building an economy for people who work hard and play by the rules.

"And last but not least, we're going to keep on delivering the best schools and skills for our children and young people so that when they leave education they have a real chance to get on in life."

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg gave a pro-EU new year message while Labour leader Ed Miliband said in his that his party had a "credible and affordable" plan to help families struggling with the cost of living,



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    Comment number 808.

    I wonder what will happen to Scotlands economy when, on independence, 50 million English folk close their BoS accounts

    A lot of people in Halifax will become unemployed
    or if they think there's a risk they'll use Halifax, Birmingham Midshires, AA Savings, Intelligent Finance, Clerical Medical & Sainsbury's Bank (50% ownership) or even Lloyds Group names more than it does now in England

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    Comment number 807.

    9 MP's in Scotchland -

    41 Labour
    11 Lib Dems
    6 SNP
    1 Tory

    Now if I was a bigwig in the Tory Party I'd be thinking 'cha-ching' much much easier to get re-elected...........I think you is telling porkies DC.

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    Comment number 806.

    In the first photo:

    Englishman: come on mate I will miss you, stay with me...

    Scottishman: l will miss you too, but I am not....

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    Comment number 805.

    Scotland wanted a united Kingdom just as much and England, Wales and Ireland/N.Ireland because we all tried to conquer each other.

    After our union the industrial Revolution started, Scotland had access to the English Empire making it far richer than it could have done on it's own.
    300 creating the largest Empire in history and technology to help the world.
    Better together, I want scots to stay

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    Comment number 804.

    I don't think there is anything Cameron could say that could convince Scots to stay in the Union. He's the biggest vote loser for the Better Together campaign and I'm sure they know that. I doubt we'll see much more of him in 2014.

    And after a Yes vote. Never again.


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