Cameron: Help me save Team GB

David Cameron Image copyright PA

Summoning up the spirit of the Olympics, David Cameron called on Britain's "quiet patriots" to save Team GB or what he called "our United Kingdom".

He was all too aware that the Scottish Nationalists would portray him as a remote English Tory lecturing Scotland from hundred of miles away.

He knew too that Alex Salmond would use his intervention to demand that he travelled North to debate with him.

Why? Because this is a debate about fear as well as hope and the First Minister wants to raise the spectre of a majority Conservative government unrestrained in its desire to cut spending, benefits and, even, ties to the EU.

Today the Prime Minister took a calculated risk to call on those who thought they were mere spectators - those without a vote, in particular the around 800,000 Scots who've moved South - to help the people of Scotland make up their minds.

What made the Olympics special was in large part the crowds.

Today David Cameron seemed to say - If Scotland won't listen to me, maybe they'll listen to you.