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Vote 2014: European election candidates for the East of England

Elections for the European Parliament will be held on 22 May 2014. Voters will choose 73 MEPs in 12 multi-member regional constituencies. Each region has a different number of MEPs based on its population.

MEPs are elected by proportional representation, in order as listed by their party. The number of MEPs each party gets is calculated using a formula called d'Hondt, except in Northern Ireland, where the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system is used.

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East of England - 7 MEPs
Party Candidate/s Party list order
An Independence From Europe Paul WiffenKarl DaviesRaymond SpaldingEdmond RosenthalRupert SmithDennis WiffenBetty Wiffen 1234567
British National Party Richard PerryChristopher Livingstone 12
Christian Peoples Alliance Carl ClarkMark ClampChris OlleyStephen ToddJane ClampKirsty EvansKevin Austin 1234567
Conservative Vicky FordGeoffrey Van OrdenDavid Campbell BannermanJohn FlackTom HuntMargaret SimonsJonathan Collett 1234567
English Democrats Robin TilbrookCharles VickersStephen GoldspinkMaria SitumbekoBridget CowanDon WhitbreadJeremy Moss 1234567
Green Party Rupert ReadMark EreiraJill MillsAsh HaynesMarc ScheimannRobert LindsayFiona Radic 1234567
Labour Party Richard HowittAlex MayerSandy MartinBhavna JoshiPaul BishopJane BashamChris Ostrowski 1234567
Liberal Democrats Andrew DuffJosephine HayesBelinda Brooks-GordonStephen RobinsonMichael GreenLinda JackHugh Annand 1234567
NO2EU Brian DennyEleanor DonneStephen GlennonDavid GoodeLeonardo ImpettTeresa MacKayEmily Thompson-Golding 1234567
UKIP Patrick O'FlynnStuart AgnewTim AkerMichael HeaverMick McGoughAndy MonkMark Hughes 1234567

East of England - 7 MEPs

Candidates shown in party list order

An Independence From Europe

Paul Wiffen

Karl Davies

Raymond Spalding

Edmond Rosenthal

Rupert Smith

Dennis Wiffen

Betty Wiffen

British National Party

Richard Perry

Christopher Livingstone

Christian Peoples Alliance

Carl Clark

Mark Clamp

Chris Olley

Stephen Todd

Jane Clamp

Kirsty Evans

Kevin Austin


Vicky Ford

Geoffrey Van Orden

David Campbell Bannerman

John Flack

Tom Hunt

Margaret Simons

Jonathan Collett

English Democrats

Robin Tilbrook

Charles Vickers

Stephen Goldspink

Maria Situmbeko

Bridget Cowan

Don Whitbread

Jeremy Moss

Green Party

Rupert Read

Mark Ereira

Jill Mills

Ash Haynes

Marc Scheimann

Robert Lindsay

Fiona Radic

Labour Party

Richard Howitt

Alex Mayer

Sandy Martin

Bhavna Joshi

Paul Bishop

Jane Basham

Chris Ostrowski

Liberal Democrats

Andrew Duff

Josephine Hayes

Belinda Brooks-Gordon

Stephen Robinson

Michael Green

Linda Jack

Hugh Annand


Brian Denny

Eleanor Donne

Stephen Glennon

David Goode

Leonardo Impett

Teresa MacKay

Emily Thompson-Golding


Patrick O'Flynn

Stuart Agnew

Tim Aker

Michael Heaver

Mick McGough

Andy Monk

Mark Hughes