As it happened: PM reshuffles cabinet

Key Points

  • Prime Minister David Cameron is reshuffling the Conservative members of his cabinet
  • William Hague has stood down as foreign secretary but will stay in the Cabinet as Leader of the Commons
  • Philip Hammond is the new foreign secretary; Michael Fallon replaces him in defence
  • Michael Gove is being moved from education to be Commons chief whip
  • Two women, Liz Truss and Nicky Morgan, have been promoted to the cabinet; Esther McVey will attend cabinet
  • Environment Secretary Owen Paterson and Welsh Secretary David Jones are among those sacked

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the prime minister's cabinet reshuffle.

    22:01: Breaking News

    It has just been announced that William Hague is to step down as foreign secretary.

    22:02: Breaking News

    As part of the ministerial reshuffle David Cameron has been working on this evening, Mr Hague will stay in the Cabinet as Leader of the Commons and then leave parliament at the next election.


    A reshuffle was widely predicted for today - but news only started to come through after 17:00 BST.

    Ken Clarke

    The first ministers to be confirmed as departing were the Secretary of State for Wales David Jones and Ken Clarke (pictured above walking into Downing Street), who was minister without portfolio.


    Although, a cabinet reshuffle was widely expected, news of Mr Hague's departure came as a surprise.


    Mr Hague has been foreign secretary since the coalition government came into power in May 2010.

    William Hague

    Mr Hague, seen here entering Downing Street this afternoon, has been the MP for Richmond in North Yorkshire since 1989.


    Mr Hague's new role is the biggest change in a reshuffle amongst Conservative ministers that continues tonight.


    This is the first time since David Cameron became prime minister in 2010 that he has had to find a new recruit for one of the big offices of state - chancellor, home secretary and foreign secretary. It is not known tonight who will replace William Hague at the Foreign Office.


    The prime minister said Mr Hague had been one of the Conservative Party's "leading lights" for a generation and had been a "close confidante, wise counsellor and great friend".

    22:09: Laura Kuenssberg chief correspondent, BBC Newsnight

    tweets: Look out for big moves in civil service too... Is head of civil service safe after last week's big fuss over Perm Sec job specs?


    Attorney General Dominic Grieve is also reported to be leaving - but his departure has not been confirmed.

    22:13: William Hague

    tweets: Tonight I am standing down as Foreign Secretary after 4 years to serve as Leader of the House of Commons

    Followed by: I will not stand as an MP in the May 2015 General Election, after 26 years as an MP

    And: Role as Leader of the House means I will finish in politics as I began - speaking in Parliament and campaigning among the voters


    It is also reported that Oliver Heald, the solicitor general, is to leave his post. Again this has not been confirmed by Downing Street.


    But several other Conservative MPs have definitely lost or stood down from their jobs in the reshuffle including universities minister David Willetts; Nick Hurd, minister for civil society; Alan Duncan, Department for International Development minister; Andrew Robathan, Northern Ireland minister, and Damian Green, the policing minister.


    More announcements are expected on Tuesday. It is thought Mr Cameron will promote a number of women MPs. It follows criticism that his government is dominated by men.

    Esther McVey

    Those tipped for advancement include employment minister Esther McVey (picture above) - who was seen entering No 10 earlier on Monday - as well as education minister Liz Truss and ministerial aide Penny Mordaunt.

    22:23: Alastair Campbell

    tweets: Maybe Cameron could put one of his sacked ministers in charge of this Butler Sloss inquiry

    22:26: William Hague

    tweets: Renewal in politics is good, and holding office is not an end in itself. After 26 years as an MP time will be right for me to move on

    22:30: Breaking News Nick Robinson Political editor

    tweets: Minister tells me that Phillip Hammond will be the new Foreign Secretary (so that's why there was talk of IDS going to defence)

    22:33: Alan Duncan MP

    tweets: Finishing as a Minister this eve by my own choice. Incredible 4 years at @DFID_UK - proud of all we have achieved. On to adventures new!


    Departing minister Greg Barker, who helped run Mr Cameron's Conservative leadership bid, announces he will be giving up his seat at next year's election.

    David Willetts

    Downing Street says Mr Cameron accepted the resignation of universities minister David Willetts, who will also be standing down as an MP next year, after representing Havant in Hampshire for 22 years.

    22:38: Keith in London

    emails: Sad but shrewd move for William Hague who can now become the UK's next EU Commissioner. His excellent work on human rights and democracy will be missed. Sorry also to see the departure of Alan Duncan who, although a long-term survivor at DfID has mastered his brief and done good work.


    The reshuffle features heavily on Tuesday's front pages, with the Daily Telegraph describing it as a "cull of the middle-aged white men". It says the PM will promote as many as 12 women "to create a younger Cabinet that will appeal to female voters ahead of the general election".

    22:41: Kevin Brennan MP

    tweets: I've known William Hague for over 3 decades and although we've never agreed politically I can't imagine any better Tory Foreign Secretary

    William Hague 22:42:

    tweets: I will take forward the UK campaign to end sexual violence in conflict as the PM's Special Representative


    The prime minister is understood to have held a series of meetings in his House of Commons office earlier today with MPs leaving the government.

    22:44: Mike in London

    emails: William Hague is an intelligent and principled man. Parliament and the country will miss his voice in the public arena. Hopefully, he'll continue to contribute as a private citizen.


    As David Cameron reshuffles his Cabinet, here is a guide to the female Conservative high-fliers being tipped to join the top table. It has been suggested some, including employment minister Esther McVey, could be in line to fill important vacancies.

    Esther McVey
    22:50: Matt Chorley Political Editor, MailOnline

    tweets: Had one of my best lunches with Ken Clarke. Wouldn't start without a gin and tonic. #QuiteRightToo


    The left-leaning Daily Mirror describes the prime minister as "trying to save his own skin". The Mirror quotes Labour MP Angela Smith saying: "Cameron's last-minute attempt to put a female-friendly spin on his government is too little, too late."


    Shadow cabinet office minister Michael Dugher says: "This speaks volumes about David Cameron's leadership. Four years of failure to promote women and now we have the massacre of the moderates."


    Labour's Michael Dugher continues: "This reshuffle shows how weak David Cameron is, running scared of his own right wing. That's why he cannot focus on the big challenges facing families up and down the country."


    Tuesday's Daily Mail goes for a similar line to the Telegraph, although its website is describing it as a "Tory night of the long knives". It says "rising stars" Elizabeth Truss, Esther McVey and Nicky Morgan are destined for promotion.


    Elsewhere, Ken Clarke's departure brings to an end a front bench career stretching back to 1972. He first joined Ted Heath's government, going on hold a number of top cabinet positions under Margaret Thatcher and John Major, including home secretary and chancellor. His last major role was as justice secretary in 2010.


    You can read more about Ken Clarke's career in our profile.


    The latest Downing Street press release also confirms the resignation of Foreign Office minister Hugh Robertson. Mr Cameron paid tribute to Mr Roberston's "pivotal role" in helping to organise the London 2012 Olympics when he was sports minister.


    Sir George Young has also announced his resignation as chief whip. Sir George stepped into the role when Andrew Mitchell quit in the wake of the "plebgate" row with Downing Street police in October 2010.

    23:07: Janan Ganesh, Political columnist for the FT

    tweets: Ppl giving centrist Toryism last rites without knowing who newbies are. This time tomorrow, there'll be no ideological pattern to reshuffle.

    Wayne David, MP

    tweets: Dust hasn't yet settled but it seems clear that in the Tory #reshuffle 'right' have pushed out the few remaining centre-right tories.

    David Cameron

    tweets: I'd like to pay an enormous tribute to @WilliamJHague who is standing down as an MP at the next election.

    And: Until then, I'm delighted he'll remain my de facto political deputy, play a key campaigning role and be Leader of the House of Commons.

    22:10: Allegra Stratton Political editor, BBC Newsnight

    tweets: "Confirmed to @BBCNewsnight that Bob Kerslake, head of the civil service, is [out] of his job for poor performance I am told"

    The Times front-page headline

    The Times reports that Mr Cameron "lost friends and foes in the middle ranks with Greg Barker, the energy minister and a Cameron loyalist, leaving of his own accord". It quotes sources suggesting that former Defence Secretary Liam Fox will replace Owen Paterson as Environment Secretary.


    Former defence secretary Liam Fox is also being tipped to make a comeback to the political front line nearly three years after quitting government in a row over his special adviser.


    Details of new appointments will be made tomorrow, Downing Street says.


    Downing Street says David Cameron has accepted the resignations of the following ministers: Ken Clarke, David Willetts, Alan Duncan, Hugh Robertson, Sir George Young, Andrew Robathan and Greg Barker.

    Chris Mason BBC Political Correspondent

    Almost all of the ministers confirmed to be leaving the Cabinet are what could be called "Middle-Aged Blokes" - the expectation is that those replacing them will be younger and that there will be more women.

    Penny Mordaunt MP

    tweets: Saddened to hear David Willetts MP standing down at next election. Lovely and talented man who has served Havant well.

    Jonathan Reynolds, MP

    tweets: Hague was, behind the scenes, a champion of UK role in tackling international climate change. Reshuffle looking worrying for climate issues

    23:40: Michael Dugher MP Labour's Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office

    "Britain's foreign policy is now set to be led by a man who has talked about taking us out of the EU. The Tories are now retreating out of Europe with all the threat that poses to jobs and business in Britain.

    "This reshuffle shows how weak David Cameron is, running scared of his own right wing. That's why he cannot focus on the big challenges facing families up and down the country."

    Margaret Thatcher and William Hague 1977

    William Hague first emerged onto the national political scene with a speech at the Tory conference in Blackpool in 1977 when he was just 16. If you are reading on a computer, you can read this profile of his career.

    Chris Morris, BBC Europe Correspondent

    tweets: Philip #Hammond for Foreign Secretary? He said last year that he'd vote to leave EU if terms didn't change. Your move, @JunckerEU #brexit

    23:47: Michael Dugher MP Labour's Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office

    "This speaks volumes about David Cameron's leadership. Four years of failure to promote women and now we have the massacre of the moderates."

    Colin, Watford

    emails: As a teacher, I am hoping that Gove is for the chop. How much longer do we have to suffer this petty and out-of-touch meddler and his stunning arrogance? Hopefully the very public mudslinging between Gove and Theresa May will spell the end of the most unpopular Secretary of State for Education in living memory.


    In his letter to David Willetts, David Cameron references the outgoing Havant MP's nickname: "I have been proud to have 'two brains' at the heart of my team, both in opposition and in government and you, in turn, can take enormous pride in the contribution you have made."

    Con. History Group

    tweets: Only 4 people since 1900 have held Ministerial office longer than Ken Clarke (Churchill, Balfour, Butler, and the 8th Duke of Devonshire)

    Sophy Ridge, Sky News

    tweets: After all the chatter about the rise of the women... first big promotion? Philip Hammond. #reshuffle

    00:33: Danny Finkelstein, Tory peer and former adviser to William Hague

    "They really didn't want him [Mr Hague] to go but he was insistent on it and I think it was just about having a life. It was as simple as that."

    00:34: Chris Mason Political correspondent, BBC News

    The reshuffle is about "refreshing the look and the sound of the team that will be on the telly and radio" in the run-up to the general election.

    00:20: Patrick Wintour, Guardian Political Editor

    Tweets: "Osborne has previously briefed wants foreign secretaryship post-election. So Hammond left as caretaker until job swap. In National Interest?"

    00:47: Who's out?

    If you are reading this on a computer, here is a guide to the MPs who have left their posts.

    01:13: David Cameron, to outgoing Chief Whip Sir George Young

    "You have been the most loyal and dependable of colleagues, a calm and knowledgeable presence at the heart of our government. I will always appreciate your sage and reliable advice."

    Ned Simons, Assistant Political Editor, Huffington Post UK

    Tweets: "Lib Dem source: 'Seeing Willetts, Barker, Grieve and Hague go is bad day for the country and is the end of the Tory modernisation project.'"

    01:15: Flashback to 2010
    David Cameron's shadow cabinet, 2010

    Here's David Cameron's shadow cabinet in February 2010. How many are still on the front bench?

    01:55: Back in 1962
    Harold Macmillan

    Perhaps the most famous cabinet reshuffle in British political history came in 1962, when Prime Minister Harold Macmillan sacked seven ministers in the 'Night of the Long Knives'. How does Monday's version compare?

    02:15: Nick Robinson Political editor

    "This purge of middle aged white men may help make way for the women David Cameron has long promised to promote and for the return of the former Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

    At the end of today the question will be not which names have come and gone but the political impact of the changes."

    Reshuffle: Who will be the winners?

    02:36: Alistair Burt, Conservative MP

    Tweets: "I'm really worried that this reshuffle will leave the PM short of middle aged white men in Govt. I'm selflessly ready Dave!"

    Tony Smith

    tweets: Camerons reshuffle so far suggests a bit more anti EU stance and continuing tight fiscal policy .........

    02:45: Chris Mason Political correspondent, BBC News

    "There is something of a cull of what critics have called 'the male, pale and stale' and what is expected next is the promotion of faces and voices that are seen to better represent contemporary Britain."

    Ken Clarke smoking a cigar in 1996

    There are tributes to Ken Clarke's ministerial style in several papers. The Daily Mail's Quentin Letts describes him as "one of the last cigar-wafters in British politics", although he adds that his choice of brand varies: "Sometimes Havanas, sometimes filthy little cigarillos, which emitted an acrid smoke like Calcutta rickshaws."

    Aaron Taylor

    tweets: Sad Ken Clarke is leaving government; being a cigar smoker and wearing brown suede shoes should be enough for a cabinet job.


    Janan Ganesh writes in the Financial Times that: "The promotion of women at the expense of men who have pottered around government in a state of clubbable semi-retirement in recent years, such as Ken Clarke and Sir George Young, is painfully overdue. But the aims have more to do with broadcasting a message than governing."

    Government front bench in February 2014

    The Independent's Steve Richards reckons the reshuffle will ensure there are no more pictures of the PM alongside men only in the Commons. However, he says few of the women expected to be promoted will have much power. "There is little behind the symbolic changes. It is possible there will be fewer women Conservative MPs after the election than there are now," he writes.

    David Mills

    tweets: #WilliamHague #DavidWilletts and #KenClarke all gone in #reshuffle. That's pretty much all of the Tory wheat gone, only chaff remaining...


    Writing to Alan Duncan MP, who is leaving his post as international development minister, the prime minister said he had a "legacy to be proud of" from his work on the Middle East.


    Former universities minister David Willetts, tipped by the Telegraph for the Brussels job, is at 6/1 with Ladbrokes.


    What next for Andrew Lansley, the former health secretary who is being replaced as leader of the house by William Hague? He is the 2/1 favourite to be the UK's next EU Commissioner with Ladbrokes.

    05:10: Joanne Nadler, biographer of William Hague

    Tells BBC Radio 5 Live the outgoing foreign secretary will "concentrate on probably what is his greatest passion now, which is history and writing books"

    W Patrick Wilson

    tweets: Sad to learn that David Willetts is out in the #reshuffle A terrific public servant and champion for universities, science and #innovation


    Greenpeace was quick to welcome reports of Environment Secretary Owen Paterson's sacking.

    "So for now at least, the badgers have outlasted Owen Paterson", said its executive director, John Sauven.

    05:36: Gaby Hinsliff, Times columnist

    tells BBC Radio Live William Hague will still be useful to David Cameron in the run-up to the election.


    Yesterday was when the reshuffle "losers" learnt their fate, writes BBC political editor Nick Robinson.

    He says: "At the end of today the question will be not which names have come and gone but the political impact of the changes."


    Reshuffle reaction continued throughout the night. At 3.14am, Labour MP Austin Mitchell tweeted: "Typical of Cam to lose Hague and Clark the only cabinet ministers who were any good and pretend it's an improvement!"

    Michael Crick, Political Correspondent C4 News

    tweets: With QCs Ken Clarke, Dominic Grieve + Oliver Heald all leaving Govt, Cameron is now very short of legal talent to fill 2 law officer posts.


    Film crews are already gathering at Downing Street to wait for news of today's cabinet appointments.

    Composite image of Mail and Mirror front pages

    For a round-up of the press reaction to what's being called a cabinet "cull of middle-aged white men", see our review of Tuesday's newspapers.


    House of Lords life peer Lord Finkelstein says William Hague has "grass roots links which I think David Cameron will miss".


    Lord Finkelstein tells BBC Radio 4's Today programme that Mr Hague's possible successor Philip Hammond is "probably more Eurosceptic".

    06:21: Keir Starmer

    tweets: Removal of Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve from Cabinet paves way for a Conservative assault on human rights. Robust Labour defence needed.


    Cabinet reshuffle: BBC political editor Nick Robinson asks, who will be the winners?

    David Cameron and Nicky Morgan

    David Cameron is pictured here with Women's Minister Nicky Morgan, who is tipped for a promotion to the Cabinet.

    Esther McVey

    A conversation overheard by a commuter suggests Employment Minister Esther McVey "wants to take over" from Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.


    The BBC looks at a who's who of Tory women and predicts which high-fliers may join the top table.


    At least a dozen men are leaving their posts as a result of the cabinet reshuffle. On its front page, the Daily Mail describes it as the "Purge of the middle-aged men".


    BBC Radio 4's chief political correspondent Gary O'Donoghue describes the reshuffle as one in which "the moderates are being axed and more right-wingers are being brought in".


    Gary O'Donoghue says we are seeing a rise of the Eurosceptics in the reshuffle. He predicts the return of former defence secretary Liam Fox to government - that would be "another Eurosceptic at the top table".


    As William Hague quits as foreign secretary and announces plans to stand down as an MP in 2015 after 26 years in parliament, the BBC looks back at his career.


    Commentators are describing the reshuffle as an exodus of the "male, pale and stale".


    The BBC's Gary O'Donoghue says while there will be grumblings about the reshuffle, it isn't likely to create any "significant beasts" or troublemakers on the back benches.

    Ken Clarke

    The departure of veteran Tory Ken Clarke from cabinet is seen as the exit of a pro-European in an increasingly Eurosceptic parliamentary party. The BBC looks back at Mr Clarke's long political career.

    07:13: Fraser Nelson

    tweets: William Hague - a brilliant Tory who lost his passion for politics. My take in the @Telegraph

    Philip Hammond

    Defence Secretary Philip Hammond is tipped to take over from William Hague as foreign secretary.

    07:20: Labour Press Team

    tweets: This is the massacre of the moderates - @MichaelDugherMP on the Tory reshuffle


    Former Tory minister David Mellor tells BBC Radio 5 live that William Hague's resignation is a "loss to British politics". He describes him as a "real talent".


    David Mellor says William Hague could have been a better prime minister than David Cameron. He says the now ex-foreign secretary rose in politics too young - he became Tory leader too soon and that "ruined him long term".

    David Mellor

    David Mellor says William Hague is like a "first-class claret" that was opened just a year after it was bottled. "It was too soon to drink William Hague," he says.


    Veteran Tory Ken Clarke is a "magnificent creature" and a "big beast", according to David Mellor. He says his favourite moment with Mr Clarke was during an overnight vote when they were sitting in a bar after having had "a few". "I said, 'Ken, I'm sick of this place'... He said, 'They're going to have to take me out of here in a box'."


    David Mellor says today's politicians are "colourless" and talent at the top is "wafer-thin".

    07:33: Robin Brant - Political Correspondent

    tweets: Pm chief of staff Ed Llewelyn just arrived at Downing St. Now the reshuffle arrivals can start.


    BBC Radio 5 live's chief political correspondent John Pienaar predicts the biggest rise among the women Tory stars will be for Defence Minister Anna Soubry. "In rank, she will get the biggest rise in all. I expect her to rise to a substantive cabinet minister," he says.


    Esther McVey is rumoured to be in line for the "minister for the morning broadcast" job, according to John Pienaar. She's not a "silver-spooned" Tory, he says, and has "that Mersey twang".

    07:45: Steve Reed - Labour MP for Croydon North.

    tweets: Cameron's reshuffle shaping up as a purge of the moderates with Ken Clarke, Hague, Hurd leaving jobs. Pre-election lurch to the right?

    07:46: Nick Robinson Political editor

    tweets: Now for reshuffle winners. Team Cameron calls them "refreshing, representative and election winning" - code for 'good on telly & not posh'

    Liz Truss

    Education Minister Liz Truss is "rated for her ideas" - the BBC's John Pienaar says.


    Liz Truss is expected to be promoted to cabinet level as the new environment secretary - taking over from the ousted Owen Paterson - according to John Pienaar.

    07:50: David Cameron

    tweets: I'll be reshuffling the Cabinet today. Watch this Twitter feed for the very latest. #Reshuffle.

    07:54: Lucian J. Hudson - Director of Communications Open University.

    tweets: Very sorry to see David Willetts go, but look forward to another strong Universities Minister -critical role in any government #reshuffle


    David Cameron's promotion of women to cabinet is "real and genuine", according to Tory activist and columnist Tim Montgomerie. He rejects suggestions the appointments are "patronising" and timely ahead of the general election.


    "Having started his Tory leadership trying to promote women, wanting to have a third of all ministers as women, this is the time. They are ready," Tim Montgomerie says of the PM.

    08:00: Sarah Wollaston - Conservative MP

    tweets: For once having 'the balls to do the job' may be a disadvantage #reshuffle

    Cabinet room

    Take a look at the BBC's rundown of who's out of the cabinet room in the ministerial reshuffle.

    08:06: Andy Slaughter - Shadow justice minister

    tweets: One of Ken Clarke's legacies as Justice Secretary. Publicly funded bar facing post-LASPO exodus. #reshuffle

    08:09: Anne Marie Morris - Conservative MP

    tweets: Huge thanks due to @WilliamJHague - a superb servant of both Party & country.

    08:14: Emily Thornberry - Labour MP

    tweets: Sacking of Dominic Grieve, Nick Hurd, Damien Green, Ken Clarke looks like the knifing of the teddy bears & a lurch to the right #reshuffle


    Former Tory deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine describes the axed Ken Clarke as "one of the great figures of contemporary politics".


    Lord Heseltine tells BBC Radio 5 live that Ken Clarke is "bigger than the Conservative Party".


    Lord Heseltine remembers a time when he and Ken Clarke went bird-watching in the Galapagos Islands. "You could take him into a room anywhere, with [people from] any sort of background and he would immediately be at ease," the former deputy PM says. "He would fit in. He's a memorable guy."

    Ken Clarke

    Lord Heseltine predicts "we haven't heard the last" of Ken Clarke (pictured) - particularly given his pro-European stance. "My guess is that the media will find a welcome ally in the European debate," he says.

    08:28: Robin Brant - Political Correspondent

    tweets: Hague arrives at Downing Street, out going foreign secretary smiles but says nothing


    Tory veteran Ken Clarke talks to BBC Radio 4's Today programme about his ousting and the impending influx of women. "The analysis that there are going to be more women is one thing, which I hope there are, there ought to be more women in politics, it's a very good thing," he says. "But they're talented people, so people getting obsessed with the gender balance of the cabinet is slightly superficial."


    Ken Clarke, known for his love of jazz, Hush Puppies and cigars, says politics needs people who "speak human".

    08:36: Robin Brant - Political Correspondent

    tweets: Hague departs number 10, ten minutes inside.

    08:38: UK Prime Minister

    tweets: William Hague has been appointed as First Secretary of State, and Leader of the Commons #reshuffle


    BBC chief political correspondent Norman Smith says there will be two stories on Tuesday: "The march of the women and the march of the Eurosceptics."

    Norman Smith

    Norman Smith says the PM's plan is to present "a different sort of Conservative Party, a younger Conservative Party, a more female Conservative Party".

    08:44: Jonathan Ashworth - Labour MP for Leicester South

    tweets: Ken Clarke out, Damian Green out, Nick Hurd out, David Willetts out - lots of centrist moderate figures culled as Cameron scrambles to right.

    Downing Street We're expecting those being promoted to make their way past our cameras into 10 Downing Street. Here's the scene at the moment.
    08:46: David Cameron

    tweets: Ken Clarke has been a political Titan for more than a generation. His wise and trenchant views will be missed around the Cabinet table.


    Norman Smith says this will be "a reshuffle by tweet", referring to David Cameron's updates on Twitter about his rejig of the cabinet.

    08:49: Ian Katz

    tweets: Sad to see David Willetts defenestrated…one of the very few senior politicians who dared to think aloud and profoundly decent man

    08:51: Grant Shapps - Conservative Party Chairman

    tweets: As more women arrive in #Reshuffle we've quietly been selecting more women in winnable seats. At 36% there's more to do, but making progress

    08:51: Robin Brant - Political Correspondent

    tweets: Hammond arrives at number 10, doesn't reply to shouts of 'good morning foreign secretary'.

    Philip Hammond Philip Hammond looks pretty happy as he arrives at No 10, where we've been told he's going to be offered the job of Foreign Secretary.

    Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe tells the BBC that women should not be appointed to the top table for simply being female - they deserve to be recognised for their talent.

    Ann Widdecombe

    Ann Widdecombe tells the BBC: "I don't think the voters mind whether a cabinet minister is male or female, as long as that minister is competent." She says everyone in Parliament deserves more than to be "part of a ratio".


    While musical chairs in cabinet continues, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is expected to hold on to his post - Nick Robinson.

    08:59: David Allen Green

    tweets: Wonder if Andrew Mitchell will be the new policing minister...


    Philip Hammond is confirmed as William Hague's replacement as foreign secretary, according to BBC political editor Nick Robinson. This means the job of defence secretary is now up for grabs.

    Michael Gove

    Education Secretary Michael Gove (pictured) may well be moved, says Norman Smith, but there is no word if he will move to defence.

    09:07: Jamie Reed - Labour MP for Copeland.

    tweets: Best thing about Lansley's sacking? Dave now owns every dot and comma of the hated Health & Social Care Act.


    Cabinet reshuffle - a reminder of who's out: William Hague (who's moving jobs), Ken Clarke, Owen Paterson, David Jones, Sir George Young, David Willetts, Hugh Robertson, Greg Barker, Nick Hurd, Alan Duncan, Andrew Robathan, Damian Green.

    09:11: David Cameron

    tweets: Philip Hammond is the new Foreign Secretary.


    Liz Truss has just walked into No 10. She wouldn't respond to questions about her appointment, but is believed to be taking Owen Paterson's job as environment secretary.


    Michael Gove is to leave education and become Commons chief whip, according to the PM's Twitter feed.

    Liz Truss The walk to Downing Street for Liz Truss, looking happy as she is about to have her rise to cabinet confirmed.
    09:14: David Cameron

    tweets: Michael Gove is Commons Chief Whip. He'll have an enhanced role in campaigning and doing broadcast media interviews. #Reshuffle.


    Philip Hammond's appointment as foreign secretary is a "significant political move", says Norman Smith. Bringing in a Eurosceptic who is prepared to exit the union represents a "marked shift" in the Foreign Office.

    09:18: Kevin Maguire

    tweets: Liz Truss as Environment Sec is poetic justice after fighting a Tory "Turnip Taliban" who tried to dump her

    Peter Kellner

    Having more women in cabinet, some of whom are working mothers, will help to "detoxify" the Conservative Party, which has been regarded as "old, rich, male and out-of-touch" - the president of pollster YouGov, Peter Kellner (pictured), tells the BBC.


    Liz Truss and Nicky Morgan are currently in No 10, believed to be learning what new posts they are to take up.

    09:25: David Cameron

    tweets: Nicky Morgan is the new Education Secretary and continues as Minister for Women and Equalities.


    The new education secretary, Nicky Morgan, does not respond to questions about whether she will "make peace" within education following Michael Gove's package of reforms.

    Nicky Morgan Nicky Morgan looking happy outside No 10 after being promoted to education secretary
    09:32: Mark Reckless MP

    tweets: Well done PM. After superb work at education Michael Gove in last 9m of Parl is man to set whips office on right course with proper controls

    09:32: David Cameron

    tweets: Liz Truss is the new Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

    Ken Clarke

    Wide praise for Tory veteran Ken Clarke on Tuesday morning. David Mellor says he is a "magnificent creature", Lord Heseltine describes him as "one of the great figures of contemporary politics", and the prime minister calls him a "political Titan".

    09:41: John Rentoul

    tweets: Gove out: one of those changes that seems completely obvious once it happens. Hatred of him was unhinged: nothing to do but appease it.


    As Nicky Morgan steps into Michael Gove's shoes as education secretary, the BBC's Norman Smith says the folks at No 10 insist this doesn't mean the government is cooling off its reform agenda.


    Norman Smith says as education secretary, Michael Gove had a habit of ruffling feathers among teachers. It may be hoped that Nicky Morgan will have a more "soothing" effect when it comes to threats of strikes and so on.


    There is speculation that Business Minister Michael Fallon could be appointed defence secretary.

    09:47: Sadiq Khan - Shadow justice secretary

    tweets: Very sorry to see Dominic Grieve leave the Govt. He is an excellent lawyer & was one of the few in the Govt who knew about rule of law

    Michael Fallon

    The BBC's Norman Smith describes Michael Fallon (pictured) as a man who gets the job done. "If you've got a problem, send out Michael Fallon to douse it down," he says.

    09:49: Nick Robinson Political editor

    tweets: Michael Fallon enters Downing Street for the 2nd time. Will emerge as Defence Sec (unconfirmed)

    09:50: Damian Green - Minister for Policing and Criminal Justice

    tweets: To those kindly inquiring I am out but not down. Still believe everything I believed yesterday and will carry on fighting for it.

    09:51: Allegra Stratton Political editor, BBC Newsnight

    tweets: Why Nicky Morgan not Liz Truss to education? Because they don't want an ideologue? They want 'clean skin'? Truss should have been shoo in.


    Iain Duncan Smith is to remain as Work and Pensions Secretary. There was speculation he might go to defence.

    09:58: George Osborne

    tweets: Congratulations to @NickyMorgan01- sorry to lose her from the Treasury but she will make a brilliant Education Secretary


    David Cameron confirms Michael Fallon is the new secretary of state for defence.

    Esther McVey

    Employment minister since 2013, Esther McVey (pictured) is poised to hear what her new role will be.


    Watch BBC political editor Nick Robinson's report on William Hague's resignation in the cabinet reshuffle.

    10:07: David Cameron

    tweets: Michael Fallon is the new Secretary of State for Defence. #Reshuffle


    Norman Smith says Michael Gove's move to chief whip is "in conventional terms... a demotion". But he says the former education secretary will have a high-profile role as the "go-to face of Team Cameron".

    Esther McVey Esther McVey arrives to find out what job she is being promoted to

    Michael Gove is "quite willing to stand, take the flak and fight the cause". That, Norman Smith says, is how the Conservative Party wants him to handle the media.

    10:12: John McTernan - Labour Party political adviser

    tweets: A very bad move to change Education Secretary. Victory for the Blob, defeat for standards.

    10:13: Nick Robinson Political editor

    tweets: Little known Tina Stowell in No 10. May emerge as Leader of the Lords. Diplomatically piloted gay marriage bill through Lords


    Jenni Russell from The Times says the reshuffle makes the government look relatively new. "A lot of people might look at this cabinet and think these new guys, maybe we should give them a chance," she tells the BBC.


    Jenni Russell says we shouldn't get "carried away by the idea that women are suddenly doing better than men". She points out that the cabinet will still be three-quarters men - a "disgraceful" ratio in the 21st century.

    10:27: The Guardian
    10:30: David Cameron

    tweets: Esther McVey continues as Minister for Employment and Disabilities. She will now attend Cabinet. #Reshuffle

    10:32: UK Prime Minister

    tweets: Esther McVey will be attending Cabinet in her existing role as Minister of State @DWPgovuk #reshuffle

    10:33: Kevin Maguire

    tweets: Nicky Morgan another privately educated Cabinet Minister running state schools in England. Tyranny of the 7% over the 93%!


    While David Cameron continues with his reshuffle, take a look at the BBC's profile of William Hague, who stepped down as foreign secretary.


    Former foreign secretary William Hague says he wants to spend his last year in politics on the "front line" helping his party and David Cameron win the general election.

    10:40: Peter Oborne

    tweets: Departure of Head of Home Civil Service on reshuffle day sends bad message that move was political. See my blog

    10:42: Simon Hughes - Lib Dem MP

    tweets: Sorry to see Ken Clarke & Dominic Grieve leave Gov: strong defenders of human rights & ECHR which LibDems will continue to defend & champion


    "There is always a balance to strike in government between the value of experience on the one hand and the need for renewal and new people. We all have to make our own judgement about that," William Hague tells the BBC.


    "It's nearly 20 years since I first joined the cabinet, it's nearly 40 years since I started being a political activist... That's a full generation of being involved in politics," William Hague says.

    William Hague

    In his first interview since stepping down as foreign secretary, William Hague says he will have time to be in parliament and to campaign over the next year.


    William Hague says beyond his political career, he wants to return to writing and spending time with his wife.

    10:48: Amol Rajan

    tweets: Don't underestimate how pro-EU the @foreignoffice is institutionally. Senior figures there already horrified at Hammond's record on EU.

    10:49: David Cameron

    tweets: Stephen Crabb is to be the new Secretary of State for Wales. #Reshuffle


    Take a look at our reshuffle at-a-glance for a rundown of what we know so far.

    Stephen Crabb

    Stephen Crabb, who replaces David Jones as secretary of state for Wales, will be the first bearded Tory cabinet minister since 1905 - according to the BBC's Norman Smith.

    10:53: Chris Havergal - journalist

    tweets: Lord Hill is nominated as European Commissioner - Andrew Lansley still in the hunt for a job then #reshuffle


    Asked to comment on being succeeded at the Foreign Office by the Eurosceptic Philip Hammond, William Hague insists the Conservative Party is more united than ever on Europe. "We want to improve Britain's relationship with the EU and then hold a referendum on staying in or leaving," he says.

    11:00: NUT - teachers’ union

    tweets: Michael Gove has clearly lost the support of the profession and parents for justifiable reasons.

    11:02: NUT - teachers’ union

    tweets: We remain in dispute over the direction of Government policy, which we believe is undermining the education service.


    The NUT adds: "[Michael Gove's] vision for education is simply wrong. His pursuit of the unnecessary and often unwanted free schools and academies programme, the use of unqualified teachers, the failure to address the school place crisis and endless ill-thought out reforms to examinations and the curriculum have been his hallmark in office."


    Lord Hill is David Cameron's nomination for European Commissioner - a job, according to Norman Smith, he previously claimed he didn't want.

    11:13: David Cameron

    tweets: Jeremy Wright is the new Attorney General. #Reshuffle


    David Cameron also confirms Baroness Tina Stowell is the new leader of the House of Lords and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

    11:16: David Cameron

    tweets: Matt Hancock is the new Minister of State for Business, Enterprise and Energy. He'll attend Cabinet. #Reshuffle


    Greg Clark is minister for science and universities and minister of state at the cabinet office. David Cameron confirms he will attend cabinet.

    11:18: Tim Montgomerie

    tweets: Owen Paterson aside a very good #reshuffle for Euroscepticism with Hammond, Fallon, Truss up and Clarke, Grieve, Young out. #InterimReport


    At least half a dozen men leave their cabinet posts in the reshuffle. Liz Truss and Nicky Morgan are promoted to secretary of state roles and Esther McVey will now attend cabinet while continuing as employment minister.

    Jeremy Wright

    Jeremy Wright, pictured, replaces Dominic Grieve as attorney general.

    11:26: Hannah Beckerman - journalist

    tweets: NO MORE GOVE IN EDUCATION!!! Teachers, pop open the champagne: it doesn't MATTER that it's a school day!

    11:27: Stephen Crabb - Conservative MP

    tweets: Huge privilege to join Cabinet as Welsh Secretary. This Gov is ambitious for Wales, working to ensure Wales at front of the economic recovery.


    As Michael Gove steps away from education, we remember the time he treated school children to a rendition of the Wham Rap!

    11:32: Kieron Palmer

    tweets: @bbc_haveyoursay delighted Paterson has gone, hopefully Liz Truss will listen to the science.

    11:33: Jack Thompson

    tweets: @BBC_HaveYourSay Interesting the equalities minister opposed equal marriage... How did that get missed in April #equality #reshuffle

    Matt Hancock

    This is Matt Hancock. He is the new minister of state for business, enterprise and energy, who will now attend cabinet.


    New Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says he is "delighted" and "honoured" to replace William Hague.

    11:36: Nigel Farage - UKIP leader

    tweets: Lord Hill - who are you?


    Last month, school reporters from Sirius Academy asked MPs whether they thought then education secretary Michael Gove was doing a good job. Hear their response here.

    11:41: Tom Brake - Lib Dem MP

    tweets: Time for a fight back from male, pale but definitely not stale politicians!


    The BBC's Norman Smith says the media may have been "spun a line" on the rise of women Tories, which has in fact been over-stated. Only two women - Liz Truss and Nicky Morgan - have been appointed directly to cabinet so far, while Esther McVey will merely attend cabinet.

    11:48: Heather James - London, UK

    emails: Interesting that Cameron is making his controversial #reshuffle on the day that Jean-Claude Juncker is appointed... a distraction and a half!

    11:49: Julian Huppert - Lib Dem MP for Cambridge

    tweets: I'm writing to the new Universities Minister, Greg Clark, to ask for an urgent meeting about the Disabled Student's Allowance #fb


    Civil servants will be preparing "copious" briefing notes for the newly appointed, who have got to learn a lot very quickly - according to Norman Smith.

    11:54: Professor Roger Marsh - Pocklington, North Yorkshire

    emails: Surprised and delighted to see Michael Gove replaced. It doesn't matter to me that Nicky Morgan is private school and Oxford educated - good for her. What matters is that she listens. I sincerely hope she will.

    11:55: Beth Rigby - FT deputy political editor

    tweets: There are 500k teacher & 300k teaching assistants in UK. If Tories can get just some of them back by culling Gove, could help 2015 election


    The BBC's Norman Smith says the reshuffle has produced two key changes: A "media-focused, campaigning" cabinet and a "much harder-edged, Eurosceptic Conservative side of the coalition".


    David Cameron announces three more appointments: Nick Boles is minister of state for the business and education departments; Mike Penning is minister of state at the Home Office and Ministry of Justice; and Mark Harper is minister of state at the Department for Work and Pensions.

    12:02: Fraser Nelson - editor of the Spectator

    tweets: Sad day for those of us who thought the purpose of government was to govern. Seems Year 5 of this parliament will be all about spin.

    12:06: David Cameron

    tweets: Nick Boles is Minister of State for the Business & Education depts. Part of his brief will be equal marriage implementation. #Reshuffle

    12:06: David Cameron

    tweets: Mike Penning is the new Minister of State at the Home Office and Ministry of Justice. He'll have responsibility for the police. #Reshuffle

    12:08: Rich - Cobham UK

    emails: Fairly obviously an attempt to look less male, middle aged, public school and irrelevant. Not surprising Osborne survived even though he has missed his self set targets. Nor is it surprising the most disastrous pair of hands in Westminster, Theresa May, survived. These are the two Cameron replacements in waiting should he lose the 2015 election. Whilst Hague is soft on the EU he has done a very good job in Foreign Office with Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, not sure Hammond is up to it if things get tough. I suspect he will just do what Dave says which means rudderless populism.

    12:09: Greg Clark

    tweets: Thrilled to be appointed Minister for Universities, Science & Cities - building on the work of the brilliant David Willetts


    A spokesman for David Cameron says the prime minister discussed moving Michael Gove to the role of chief whip "some time ago". He says Mr Gove has introduced "a series of landmark reforms in the education system" but now has a role to play in the election campaign.

    Michael Gove
    12:17: David Cameron

    tweets: David Gauke is promoted to Financial Secretary to the Treasury. #Reshuffle

    12:17: David Cameron

    tweets: John Hayes becomes Minister of State at Transport, while continuing his role as Cabinet Office Minister. #Reshuffle


    Dr Matthew Ashton, a politics lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, says: "This is very much a reshuffle based on the upcoming election. Out with the old, in with the new; an attempt to emphasise diversity and put a few more Eurosceptic faces to the fore."


    At least 33 people are now expected to attend cabinet meetings. According to the government's website, this group comprises 23 cabinet ministers and 10 people in the category of "also attends cabinet" - including Esther McVey and new Attorney General Jeremy Wright.

    12:27: David Cameron

    tweets: Anna Soubry is promoted to Minister of State at the Ministry of Defence. #Reshuffle

    12:29: David Cameron

    tweets: Priti Patel becomes Exchequer Secretary at the Treasury. #Reshuffle

    12:30: David Cameron

    tweets: Clare Perry becomes Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport. #Reshuffle

    12:31: David Cameron

    tweets: Oliver Letwin remains Minister for Government Policy and becomes Lord Privy Seal. #Reshuffle


    The PM's spokesman says he wants Michael Gove and William Hague "at the heart of the government's team", adding: "You should expect to see a great deal of Michael Gove on your TV and radio channels."

    12:34: UK Prime Minister

    tweets: Penny Mordaunt has been appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State @CommunitiesUK #reshuffle


    Andy Atkins, of Friends of the Earth, said the organisation welcomed the appointment of Liz Truss as Environment Secretary and hoped to work with her to "clean up the mess left by her predecessor". He said Owen Paterson was the "worst environment secretary the UK has had for decades". Earlier this year, some victims of persistent flooding were also critical of Mr Paterson.

    A sign saying "Paterson out"
    12:36: George Osborne

    tweets: Very warm welcome to Priti Patel @priti4witham who joins Treasury team as Exchequer Secretary - strong addition to our excellent HMT team


    The Daily Telegraph reports the change of education secretary under the headline: "Teachers hail Michael Gove's departure." During a strike earlier this year some National Union of Teachers members carried placards saying "Gove out".

    A placard saying "Gove out"

    Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of Ofsted, heard about Michael Gove's departure as Education Secretary during a phone-in programme on LBC Radio. He said: "I'm surprised and shocked that this has happened. I'm a great admirer of the secretary of state. I think he's been a transformative and radical minister of education."


    The reshuffle affects only Conservative members of the government. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is not changing any of his ministers at present.

    12:55: Friends of the Earth

    tweets: New Environment Secretary, Liz Truss, must champion #climate change action and nature - press release: #bees


    Len McCluskey, general secretary of the Unite union, said: "Behind the reshuffle spin is a Conservative party more interested in giving tax breaks to millionaires than tackling the shocking rise of food banks or the wage siege gripping the nation's households."

    Len McCluskey

    Asked why David Cameron had nominated Lord Hill as EU Commissioner, the PM's spokesman said Lord Hill brought experience from both politics and the private sector. Lord Hill would also bring a "fresh pair of British eyes" to EU matters, the spokesman said.


    Meurig Raymond, president of the National Farmers' Union, thanks Mr Paterson for his "hard work and dedication to farming and agriculture over the past two years", saying he "showed an understanding of farmers and the farming industry".


    Mark Jones, vet and executive director of the Humane Society International UK, said Owen Paterson's departure as Environment Secretary should prompt the government to reconsider its "disastrous, divisive and pointless badger cull".

    A badger

    Conservative MP Graham Stuart, chair of the Education Committee, says Michael Gove will "go down in the history books as one of the greatest education secretaries this country has ever had". He adds: "To work as hard as he did for the positive reasons that he did and to be vilified by so many must have been hard for his family."

    13:13: Matt Hancock

    tweets: It's an honour to attend Cabinet as Minister for Business, Enterprise & Energy. Thanks for all the kind messages. Can't wait to get started.

    And: I'm delighted to take over from Michael Fallon as Minister for Portsmouth - look forward to visiting soon

    13:18: Times columnist Tim Montgomerie

    tweets: Breakthrough for ppl with beards as @SCrabb becomes Welsh Secretary. At long last we're represented at the top table.

    Stephen Crabb
    13:21: UK Prime Minister

    tweets: Nick Gibb is returning to Government as Minister of State @educationgovuk


    The BBC's Norman Smith says David Cameron has given the cabinet an "almighty shakeup". He says the changes are an attempt to end the "old boy image" of the Conservatives and present a more "voter-friendly face" to the electorate.


    Speaking to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in the House of Commons, shadow health secretary Andy Burnham says: "I should begin by congratulating you on surviving the massacre of the moderates. There's no real surprise on this side of the House, as we know your real views on the NHS are anything but moderate."

    13:25: Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch

    tweets: So glad too to see Nick Boles promoted and in charge of equal marriage brief. Congratulations


    BBC environment correspondent Matt McGrath says outgoing Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has been "divisive". He says Mr Paterson's views on climate change, genetically modified foods and especially the badger cull "earned the deep distrust of environmental campaigners while generating support among farmers".

    13:35: David Cameron

    tweets: Robert Buckland becomes Solicitor General.


    Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox has turned down a ministerial role at the Foreign Office, the Spectator is reporting.


    According to the Spectator, Mr Fox "politely declined" the role of minister of state at the Foreign Office with responsibility for India, China and Latin America.

    Liam Fox

    Earlier reports suggested Mr Fox, who resigned as Defence Secretary in 2011 over a row about his special adviser, would be making a return to the cabinet.

    13:44: David Cameron

    tweets: Julian Brazier becomes Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence.

    13:44: UK Prime Minister

    tweets: Desmond Swayne has been appointed as Minister of State @DFID_UK

    13:45: LBC presenter Iain Dale

    tweets: Who on earth in Number 10 thought @LiamFoxMP would accept a junior job he last held in the Major government. Crass and insulting.


    Mr Gove's move to chief whip is being seen as a surprise. Just over a month ago during Prime Minster's Questions on 11 June, David Cameron said: "We have had the same home secretary for four years and we have had record falls in crime, and we have had the same education secretary and we have 250,000 fewer children in failing schools.

    "If you have a strong team with a strong plan, stick with them, and keep on putting it in the back of the net."

    David Cameron speaking in the House of Commons
    13:52: Nicholas, Gravesend, emails:

    Anyone with a keen interest in the preservation and protection of the Green Belt will await with interest to see who will replace Nick Boles at Local Government and Planning.

    13:55: Ross Hawkins - BBC political correspondent

    tweets: [Liam] Fox confirms he turned down a minister of state job at Foreign Office.

    13:58: Norman Smith Chief political correspondent, BBC News Channel

    tweets: Liam Fox says he does not want to be distracted from his focus on the issues of the EU, immigration and the economy

    14:00: UK Prime Minister

    tweets: George Freeman has been appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at @bisgovuk and @DHgovuk

    And: Andrew Murrison has been appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Northern Ireland Office.

    14:02: UK Prime Minister

    tweets: Ed Vaizey has been promoted to Minister of State @DCMS and @bisgovuk with responsibility for digital industries.


    Ann Francke, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, welcomes the arrival of more women in the cabinet. She says: "If we want to engage more women in politics, we need more role models."

    14:06: Geoffrey Lean

    blogs in The Telegraph: It is right that Owen Paterson is going, but green groups shouldn't gloat

    14:11: Eric Pickles

    tweets: Just spoken to the PM I am very honoured to continue as Secretary of State at DCLG

    Tom Newton Dunn, Political Editor at The Sun tweets Pickles is "the great survivor".

    14:13: Department of Energy and Climate Change
    Matthew Hancock at DECC

    tweets a photo of Matthew Hancock arriving as Minister of State for Business, Enterprise and Energy.


    The BBC's Norman Smith says the reshuffle has proved to be a "day of surprises", with many more changes than were widely expected.

    14:20: UK Prime Minister

    tweets: Brooks Newmark has been appointed as Parliamentary Secretary @cabinetofficeuk


    Outgoing Attorney General Dominic Grieve says he would "happily" have stayed in the role. He says: "If the prime minister had wanted me to continue, I'd have done so cheerfully, but it's a matter for him."

    Dominic Grieve

    Liam Fox, who declined a role as a Foreign Office minister, says he was "honoured" by the offer but does not want to be "distracted". He adds: "The issues that matter most to me and my constituents in North Somerset are the economy, immigration and Europe."


    Civil service changes are also being announced. Following Sir Bob Kerslake's announcement that he would stand down as the head of the home civil service, the role will be handed to Downing Street's top official, Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood.


    Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, says outgoing Education Secretary Michael Gove had a "brave vision for education". He says that was "never going to be popular" with school staff and Mr Gove failed to "bring teachers along with him on that vision" - and as a result the reforms might not "stick".

    14:36: Andrew Murrison

    tweets: Have arrived at exciting new job in NIO. Huge honour and privilege to serve as defence minister since 2012.


    BBC diplomatic correspondent James Robbins says Europe remains the "real political challenge" for new Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

    14:43: UK Prime Minister

    tweets: Brandon Lewis has been promoted to Minister of State @CommunitiesUK


    BBC education correspondent Sean Coughlan says Michael Gove will remain a controversial figure, adding: "His reign in education might be over, but arguments over his impact have only just begun."

    14:52: George Freeman

    tweets: Hugely honoured to be given new 'Minister for Life Sciences' joint Minister role in Dept Health and BiS to drive 21stC Health Innovation.


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