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UKIP MEP: Gay marriage supporters are 'equality Nazis'

UKIP MEP David Coburn Image copyright Press Association

UKIP MEP David Coburn has described some supporters of gay marriage as "equality Nazis".

Mr Coburn, who is himself gay, told the Huffington Post the "militant equality lobby" had caused more homophobic sentiment in Britain.

He said that "everyone had agreed and been quite happy with the idea of a civil partnership".

Those in favour of gay marriage, he said, were simply "trying to give Christianity a jolly good kicking".

During the interview Mr Coburn, who reportedly described himself as "spectacularly homosexual", said the changes to marriage law only mattered to someone who "wants to dress up in a bridal frock and dance up the aisle to the Village People".

He added that some gay rights groups were "professional bombs" primed to "explode" with outrage in response to any perceived slight to gay rights.

Mr Coburn described UKIP as a "gay-friendly" party, and said he had never had any problem with its members over his sexuality.

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