A Life in Politics: Jo Coburn with leading politicians

A Life in Politics

Jo Coburn talks to famous faces from the world of politics as they look back on their careers inside and outside Westminster.

The series airs around once a month on Friday's Daily Politics.

Berry Boothroyd

A former Speaker looking back on her political career says the sexism she initially endured was from other women

Douglas Hurd

Douglas Hurd recalls Bosnia, his failed bid to lead his party and advice to David Cameron

Shirley Williams

Shirley Williams on a change of chosen career as she picked opera over politics

Norman Tebbit

Lord Tebbit says he entered politics when he became "very irritated" with the 1960s Conservative government

David Steel

David Steel: Rapping, spitting Image and Boy David tag

Roy Hattersley

Lord Hattersley on his time as a Birmingham MP, views of Labour Party leaders, and why he did not join the SDP

Jean Barker (Baroness Trumpington)

Baroness Trumpington on Lord King V-sign in Parliament: 'He got what he deserved at the time'

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