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Get it right on your first day as a newly elected MP

Starting a new job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. And if that job is representing a parliamentary constituency for the the first time, it's good to remember to get the essentials right.

Multinational food giant Nestle has nine essential tips for your first day at work. Recruitment company Reed also offer tips on five ways to impress on your first day.

We've included a few other things that we think might prove handy to the newly elected Members of Parliament.

So, let's see how the new intake are doing.

You are what you wear

Natalie McGarry - one of the SNP's "Magnificent Seven" Glasgow MPs - remembered to pack a wardrobe change, thus defeating an exploding pen and arriving covered in ink.

Image copyright Natalie McGarry

Get there early

There's early and there's too early, Stewart McDonald of the SNP.

Image copyright Stewart McDonald

Remember to take something for lunch

You'll probably be so busy getting to grips with everything, you might forget to eat properly. Julian Knight - newly elected in Solihull - scores highly on this one (bonus marks for two different items of fruit).

Image copyright Julian Knight

And if you can't manage that, make sure you locate the canteen. Martyn Day wasted no time in telling the world he had.

Image copyright Martyn Day

Find somewhere safe to put your coat (and don't forget it)

Designated coat peg with space for a sword? Comes as standard for MPs. Here's where the SNP's Drew Hendry, who defeated Danny Alexander in Inverness, gets to hang his.

Image copyright Drew Hendry

Say hello

As an MP, your constituents will want to know how to get hold of you. Andrea Jenkyns has probably turned off her new email alert by now.

Image copyright Andrea Jenkyns

(Please don't spam her)

Make friends/buddy up

You've not finished university and you're the youngest MP since at least the Great Reform Act of 1832. Does anything phase Mhairi Black?

Judging by this tweet from Peter Grant, she's pretty good at making important friends as well.

Image copyright Peter Grant

Rebecca Pow wasted no time in seeking out fellow West Country MPs among the new Conservatives.

Image copyright Rebecca Pow

Enjoy it! Really

Look at the happy faces on SNP new boys Patrick Grady and Martin Docherty. Definitely enjoying it.

Image copyright Patrick Grady

The new Conservatives looked pretty excited too when David Cameron turned up - cameraphones out like BBC staff on a visit from the Queen.

Image copyright Ben Howlett

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